A Conflicting Conversation between Robert and Eric

A Conflicting Conversation between Robert and Eric

I recently heard this conversation between two individuals. The dialogue depicts scenes in a play. Robert and Erick are in a car garage, they have both taken their cars for servicing. While the cars are being serviced, Roberts happens to be very much interested in cars while Eric is not. ( Robert and Eric sit quietly under the shade, Robert then brakes the long silence)

Robert: Eric my friend, Whose vehicle do you think runs faster, mine or yours?

Erick: I cannot tell, we have never gone for any speed test.

Robert: Well, okay, what is the maker of your car?

Eric: My car is a 1988 Honda Accord.

Robert: That car is a very big; it is just a piece of shit!

Eric: That is the only type I could afford.

Robert: (laughing out loudly) so u agree that it is a piece of shit.

Eric: Well, even if it is a piece of shit, it works so I have no problem with it.

Robert: What do you mean works? How can you say that a piece of shit works? That is hilarious!!!

Eric: I don’t even understand what u means.

[Long pause.]

Robert: Do you know the

Eric: Do you know the type of car I drive?

Robert: (Smiling mockingly) A baby Ford, the old and outdated 1999 Ford Mustang

Eric: But it is still a good car yah? Or what do you think?

Robert: You are absolutely right; t is a very good car.

Eric: I see.

Robert: Does your car run fast?

Eric: Fine, it goes fast but I also make it go. It goes around forty miles per hour,

Robert: (Laughing out loudly) Fuck your car!!! Mine goes 140 miles per hour. My baby vehicle goes for 140! 140! It runs faster.

Eric: You are right, your baby car is the fastest, I agree with you.

[Long pause.]

Robert: Am planning of getting some nitrous

Eric: What did you just say? Some what?

Robert: If I want it to. That will make my car go even faster. Let us say like forty miles per hour.

Eric: Do you go to many places when you drive at 180 miles per hour?

[Long pause.]

Robert: Who amongst us is the tallest? You or me?

Eric: I can’t tell

Robert: Well, I bet am the tallest.

Eric: You’re probably right.

Robert: Do you know how tall I am?

Eric: [Sighing] I am not sure, five eleven or five ten?

Robert: I am six one, baby is six one

Eric: I see

Robert: How about you, how tall are you?

Eric: I think am five nine or so

Robert: That is the same thing I was thinking.

Eric: Do you want to tell me that you thought I was five nine?

Robert: I don’t know but what I am sure of is that I am taller than you by three inches

Eric: Okay, I see

Robert: What do you see? That’s the truth

Eric: We cannot tell who is taller unless we try finding out

Robert: Come and stand next to me so that we can know who shoulder is is highest

Eric: You amuse me, how will that help?

Robert: I just want us to know the truth

Eric: Fine, let us try (moving towards Robert)

Robert: Come closer, our shoulder must be in the same level so that we get the results easily

Eric: Ok, there we go


Eric: You see? Am the tallest

Robert: I agree with you, you are the tallest. So, what are you up to this evening? Where are you going to after this?

Eric: I have no plans; I just want to go home right now

Robert: Okay, I am also going home after this. I t was very nice being with you, I enjoyed your company.

Eric: I too enjoyed your company. Bye, it is time, I should now go.

(Hugging each other)

Robert: Bye

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