ADP software is well designed to support the best

ADP software is well designed to support the best practices of performance management systems. From its features the software is flexible and allows for reporting in the report section where there is a wide range to choose to range from payrolls, earning summaries, taxes benefits and others. The departments can customize these reports to how they best want it. The time recording and attendance is a feature that comes with ADP software that makes the record of hours simpler. According to the 2012 research by Pay Stream Advisors, 47% admitted that manual processing of employee information was a great challenge to them (“ADP”, n.d). The time recording and attendance feature make it easy to track employee working hours since it is automated. ADP integrating with ZipRecruiter makes hiring easier creating the best way to recruit top talent. These are some of the features of the software that support best practices of performance management systems.

SilkRoad being a talent acquisition software comes with best features that support talent management systems. The first feature id the recruitment that makes it easy to hire employees by enabling recruiters to source employees online. Onboarding feature makes it easy to create and easily personalize the onboarding journey including customized payrolls. The performance part in the software allows for the best practices in Performances management where employees own their performance through frequent check-ins, feedback and goal setting (“SilkRoad” n.d). This allows for the connection between an employee and the manager where they can engage. Both software allows for best practices in the performance systems through some of the features stated above.


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