Advanced Manufacturing Technician Post Concern

Advanced Manufacturing Technician Post Concern

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Advanced Manufacturing Technician Post Concern

Securing a vocation as an advanced manufacturing technician has been my interest in developing know-how of the career line to follow in life. As the word manufacturing technician depicts, it involves the technicalities to be applied in running equipment and machinery in the industries and other production fields during the manufacturing process. Being a student pursuing electronics related course, I will be receiving my certification in electrical trades at the end of this semester. The ultimate goal of applying the course program was sharpening my knowledge and skills in working as a manufacturing technician in future as if has been my field of interest since the beginning of education curriculum. The coursework provides precise guidelines for understanding that the vacation involves setting up, testing and adjusting plant machinery and equipment (Scott, 2016). In the field of specialization, this will be possible by the application of electrical and electronic technologies which involves a wide variety of the advanced machinery.

Time in the modern society has passed the era of depending on human as the primary sourced of labor. The industries and other production sectors have extensively adopted machine application due to their competence and fast speed performance which cannot be compared to the human rate of doing activities. Relatively, to enhance their functionality, the machines require a dependable source of energy where electricity emerges to be the significant and efficient source in the in the society. For efficiency and proper functionality, these electrical related machinery requires regular repair and maintenance services.

Also, the manufacturing machinery and equipment require set up, testing and adjustment to enhance proper running and functionality (Huang, et al. 2015). The fact that technological advancement has to be adopted and will progress as time goes acted as the motivating factor in pursuing the electrical trading course as it is inevitable to use machinery in the production process. In fact, with industrialization, there will be an expansion in the variety of machinery used to make manufacturing faster as well as improving the quality of the products.

The notion of being part of industrial advancement by taking part in the technology evolution touched the best part of my conscience encouraging me to go for my passionate vocation as a specialist in advanced manufacturing technician. On top of pursuing the electrical trade course as well as having the knowledge and skills in the field, I am bilingual. It is clear that being a manufacturing technician also involves the skills of efficiently communicating with clients and other people in the same area to enhance proper expression of the ideas as the technical area is much involving (Baumers, et al. 2016). Being a hands-on a person becomes another credential as the technicalities applied determines the effectiveness of task performance as well as the machine functionality.

Fixing stuff and finding the problem causing machinery defects becomes my best and joyous moments. This played an essential part in helping me realized my passion as well as the field of specialization being electrical trade sector and having the objective of working with a manufacturing related company.


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