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There are numerous advertising agencies in the US which advertises different goods and services. These agencies have different styles and designs of advertising their products services. Advertising is very important to companies hence there exists cut-throat competition among the advertising agencies. Innovation is therefore vital to ensure that each agency remain in this competitive industry (Percy &Elliot, 2012).

One such advertising agency is the adPack US which advertises tissue packs. The agency is located in New York. The company is a subsidiary of a Japanese Firm known as Itochu. AdPack products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. The tissues are advertised in green and tissue packs which are made from renewable substances. The resources used to make the tissue packs can be harvested and replanted in forests.

Another advertizing agency in the US is the Grey Global Group which has its headquarters in New York. The company is a subsidiary of WPP Group and does other services such as sales promotions, brand development, marketing and public relations and affairs. Grey Global Group advertises for the products of different companies such as Nokia, Procter &Gamble, Volkswagen, Canon and many other companies. The company has won many awards such as the Euro EFFIE Agency of the Year. The company was also named among the 50 most innovative advertising companies (Bradley, 2013).

MARC USA is another advertising agency based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The company operates in cities like Miami, Dallas, Chicago and Pittsburgh. The company serves different clients or companies like Apple, Rite Aid and other companies.

An example of an advert by adPack advertising agency is the tissue pack advert. The tissues are in blue and sometimes green packs. The message in these packs is “win against the winter cold.” The tissues are packed with cold medicine that is meant to relieve the prospective buyer from cold systems. Other than the tissues adPack advertising also offers cold medicine. The message in this advert therefore appeals to the buyers to consider buying the product since it also contains the medicine that is for relieving pain. The message is simple therefore can be interpreted well. The message can also change the attitude of a buyer. It adds more knowledge to the buyers of the cold medicine and as a result, the messages change the perception of buyers on the product. The message appeal is rational as opposed to emotional.

The execution of this advert is straight forward and presents more information about the product (Percy, 2012). Since the messages are written in the packs, this advert does not contain any spokesperson. The advert is oral but not written.

The 2nd advert is by Grey Global Group on Project imagina8ion by Canon. The message is about how 8 different photographs were selected and used to make a canon film. The message then describes the numerous photographs submitted by people and how 8 best photographs were chosen out from the 100,000 photographs collected. The 8 photographs were used to produce a Canon film according to the message. The message goes ahead to explain the film being premiered just like the Hollywood movies and played in movie theaters. The message also reveals the film being a hit and arousing different reactions and even being considered for Oscar nominations.

In short the message informs the buyers on the quality of canon cameras which can produce films from different pictures. The message aims to inform the buyers on the high quality of the canon cameras that can convert pictures into high quality films which can even be considered for Oscar nomination. Therefore the message is informative and is designed to change the attitudes of the buyers as it appeals to their emotions or likings of Hollywood movies to influence their attitudes on the canon cameras. The message structure is good and well organized as it narrates how 8 different pictures by different photographers are used to produce a canon film. The message appeal is emotional designed to influence the consumers view on the canon cameras.

This advent’s execution is demonstrative in that it elaborates the key advantage of using the canon cameras (Percy & Elliot, 2012). The advert demonstrates the high quality of canon cameras videos that can be produced from photographs. The advert is endorsed by celebrity and Oscar winning director Ron Haward who selects the best 8 photographs to be used to produce the film. In addition he also directs the production of the film.

The 3rd advert is by MARC USA on the new software Passbook produced by Apple. The message on the advert informs the buyers on the new application in addition to demystifying wrong information about the new application. It elaborates that the application is supposed to be used for iPhone and iPod Touch but not iPad and the purpose of the application. The message shows the buyers how to use the application using pictures. The message is also persuasive in that it convinces the buyers on why the application is important and the best. The message is meant to influence the audience to change their attitudes on the product by disapproving the wrong facts about the application. The message structure is organized such that it educates, disapproves and influences the buyers. Therefore the message appeal is rational presenting the buyers with facts about the application.

The adverts’ execution is a combination of numerous execution techniques. The 1st technique used is factual message technique which presents facts about the product. The other technique used is the scientific evidence since the message uses scientific claim to support the application. The message also uses demonstrative technique to illustrate how buyers can use the application (Bradley, 2013). Slice of life technique is also used to show the application problem that the product aims to solve. This advert does not have any spokesperson because it is written and not oral.

The adverts are very similar in that it they influence the buyers to purchase the products. The adverts are also educative as they add more knowledge to the consumers about the product. In addition the adverts also show the pictures of the products. However the difference between the adverts comes in because some are written while one is oral. Whereas the advert on canon is endorsed by a celebrity Ron Howard, the other adverts do not have any endorsers.

The canon advert is very memorable compared with the other two adverts which can be easily forgotten. It is difficult to forget this advert since it involves a movie which is shown in many film theaters in the country. The movie will go down in history as the 1st user generated film making the advert memorable. This gives this advert an edge over the other two adverts. This advert is very entertaining as opposed to the other two adverts. The movie produced will entertain buyers unlike the other adverts by adPack and MARC USA which offer no entertainment at all. As a result, more buyers will be attracted to the canon advert than to the other adverts (Percy & Elliot, 2012). The tissue pack and the canon adverts are able to grab the attention of the viewers in contrast to the passbook application advert which do not attract attention in equal measure.

Among these 3 adverts, the most creative advert is the one by Grey Global Group on canon cameras. This is because the advert relates the film produced by canon to Hollywood movies. The advert is very innovative since it is very unique. The message of producing a user generated film using the pictures selected from different photographers is just very creative hence unique and interesting. In addition, this advert has all the qualities of a good advert therefore it is not only creative but also the best among the three.


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