The Clean Mart Company has got a policy on the use of cell phones that indicates the general rules and guidelines on the use of the company’s and personal cell phones within the work hours. The policy has got a main purpose of helping all the employees in benefiting from the multiple advantageous us of the cell. On the other hand, it is designed to minimize accidents, distractions and any other disadvantageous cause that can be brought by improper use of this gadget. The policy does not sideline any employee and so applies to all the staff members.

Cell Phone Use Guidelines

The guidelines named below on the proper cell phone use during work hours are to be used in The Clean Mart Company by all the employees. To be precise, cell phones should not be used if they can pose any safety or security risk and can cause distraction

The employers shall not be allowed to:

Use the cameras and voice recorders in their phones to record and store any company’s confidential information.

Use the cell phone when while they are driving a company’s vehicle.

Make private cell phone calls during work hours

Use the phones in some prohibited areas (e.g the laboratory)

Play games on the phones within the working hours

Upload or download illegal, obscene and inappropriate materials using a company’s cell phone

Use personal phones to handle work tasks

Use the cell phones when in a meeting

Use the cell phones when operating any equipment

We also recognize that the cell phones, when used correctly are an integral part of our work life today.

We therefore encourage our employees to use the cell phone to:

Receive and make calls related to work in the appropriate situation and place

Carry out research related to work

Store work related files

Keep track of appointments

Use the cell for any other work related communication e.g emailing and text messages

Use productivity applications

Disciplinary Consequences

The improper use of the cell phones will lead to an automatic disciplinary action. If an employee’s inappropriate use of their cell phones leads to the decline in productivity or distraction, this will lead to a revoke of the cell phone privileges.

Employees may face a severe punishment like termination in case the use of their cell phones leads to; harassment, cause security bleach, cause accidents and also violates the company’s confidentiality policy.