Champagne-Langabeer, T., Langabeer, J. R., Roberts, K. E., Gross, J. S., Gleisberg, G. R., Gonzalez, M. G., & Persse, D. (2019). Telehealth impact on primary care related ambulance transports. Prehospital Emergency Care, 23(5), 712-717.

I got this peer reviewed source from google scholar. The database is reliable and it provides article from all fields. I can propose this to anyone looking for journal articles on telehealth. This database would be useful to my colleagues since it provides a wide range of articles in the least time possible. But the one problem with google scholar is that it gives majority of journal from US, UK and Australia. Hence to find articles from other countries I need to search in different databases. Like for an article on India, I will search in PubMed or Science Direct and for Journal of Brazilian Medicine I will search in SciELO. Yes, I would recommend this database.

I got an article on Telehealth from Google Scholar database. This database is specifically for Latin American journals on science and technology. While I was searching the databases, I found articles from all the countries of Latin American. Here are some of the countries listed in the database: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Guyana Haiti Honduras Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Puerto Rico Suriname Uruguay Venezuela. Isn’t that great? Now I won’t have to worry about finding articles for my research.