Chapter 10 Reflection- Feminism

Chapter 10 Reflection- Feminism

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Chapter 10 Reflection- Feminism

Even though women were not highly involved in issues to do with criminal justice during the 1970s, they began to get highly involved in this field. Feminist theories are considered to be part of conflict theories. They came around during the 1970s when conflict explanations were popular and focused on conflict perspectives and male-based theories. There was a need for equity and equality in terms of treatment at home and work regarding crime. Before the onset of feminism, theories concerning criminal justice women were rarely brought to courts unless they did something huge. However, in the desire to be more like men and have an equal share in society, they began being apprehended for their crimes. Therefore feminism theory is an example of conflict theory. One gender of a society is considered weak, and there is a lack of equity and justice based on gender.


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