Chapter 8 Chapter Summary





Chapter Summary

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 stood out from the rest of the chapters in a number of ways. It discusses advocacy with much importance. Advocacy in this book is demonstrated looking out for the best interests of students. These teachers will go out of their way to help with life problems in addition to looking after the best interest these kids. The chapter also discussed social justice and how teachers use it to look out for their students. Teachers want to create an environment that ensures students learn at full capacity.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 discusses the importance of recognizing great teachers. Teachers driven by something beyond money. Great teachers do not necessarily work at the best schools. Chapter 9 as a recap of many chapters highlights the many teachers discussed throughout the text as well as their approach to helping students including advocating for their justice. Teachers who are authentic and open with their students develop better people holistically and ensure their class is attentive. Teaching as advocacy is about being open with students and cultivating hope and goals for the future. Educators who prioritize and maintain open and honest relationships with their students make significant differences in schools and society.