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Chapter 9 Discussion Forum

Crime, according to conflict theories, is the result of inequality and lack of consideration. Conflict theorists believe that society is not fair and it is not equal for everyone. Therefore, this means that a person can do a criminal offense and fail to go to jail because of their social status while another person who does the same crime goes to jail (Black, 2014). This is the inequality that is highly talked about by conflict theorists. The fact that this can happen explains the non-ending conflicts between those who are oppressed with their oppressors.

A good example would be to take a hypothetical situation whereby a person like Elon Musk is murdering a person. Even if this were true, the lawyers and everyone would try as much as possible to make sure that Elon musk does not go to jail (Moore & Morris, 2011). However, if it was just a farmer involved in such a case, the possibility of going to jail is 9 out of 10, while Elon Musk is 2 out of 10 (Williams & McShane, 2018). Therefore according to conflict theorists, crime makes those weak or unconsidered in the society suffer. In contrast, the others who are known and have influence benefit or are not affected by crime.


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