Chapter 9 Reflection- Conflict Theory

Chapter 9 Reflection- Conflict Theory

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Chapter 9 Reflection- Conflict Theory

Chapter 9 talks about conflict theory, a societal construction explaining the conflicts in society as caused by inequality and other social factors. There are many types of conflict theories, and they fall under different categories. For example, race-based conflict theory suggests that conflict in society is caused by the whites being privileged over people of color and other minority groups.

However, the issue of racism is not the only thing that determines conflict theory explanation as an economic power. Especially in a capitalistic nation like the United States, those who have money can be said to be untouchable. In contrast, those who are not financially stable are the ones who find themselves in crime most of the time. Therefore, conflict theory explains the societal conflicts that arise due to competition between those who have and those who do not have. It also discusses the impacts of the many different factors that come into play when discussing these factors.


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