Chapters 9-15, and also 8 Nonverbal Communication

Review : Exam 2- Persuasion- Fall 2019- Remember, you must go through Respondus Lock-down browser to access the exam. Chapters 9-15, and also 8/ Nonverbal Communication

Know and understand motivational appeals and the type of appeals.

What are the type of Esoteric forms of persuasion and how do they work?

Visual Persuasion- How does this work in the American culture and other cultures?

Syllabus and bblearn information-

Connection between nonverbal communication and persuasion-

Types of nonverbal persuasion- tactics used for effectiveness-

Elaboration Likelihood Model-

Types of Intimates-

Language and Persuasion-

Credibility- males vs females-

Aristotle’s terminology-

One vs two sided arguments

Primacy / recency arguments

Powers- types used for persuasion

There are 35 questions- each question is worth 3 points, making the exam 105 total- However, the gradebook will reflect 100, given you all an automatic 5-point bonus.

Please be sure to have a secure internet connection- block out the appropriate time- and please do your own work. Cheating on this exam will only cheat yourself!

Good luck-