Childhood Obesity in America

Childhood Obesity in America






Child obesity in America

Child hood obesity is currently prevalent in America making it a serious public health challenge in the 21st century. Over 43 million children in America are overweight.


While there are many factors that cause child hood obesity, there are a lot of information about childhood obesity, this makes one wonder whether the information are facts or just misinformation

Obesity in children is part of their lifecycles

While most parent tend to think of their children as healthy as fit as fiddles, they argue that the fatness is just part of baby fat that their children will lose as they grow up. Some of the parent argues that their children do not take fatty food so their size is natural. According to …this is misconception because childhood obesity is not necessarily caused by food types that the children consume but there are other contributing factors such as unhealthful diet, lack of sleep, lack of activity as well as medication. In addition, the fact is that many children do not lose weight even as they go into teenage and may progress into childhood. Therefore, parent of obese children should not see it as baby fat because that is amiss conception and should seek proper intervention.

Obesity is genetic

On the other hand, many parents tend to think of obesity as a genetic condition that runs in the family and cannot be remediated. Parent argues that their parent was big, and there are big, so their children must be big because the plus size runs in the family. Body types are likely to be inherited, but obesity is not inherited. Most parent prepare the type of food that their parent fed them so it is also healthy to say that the cooking genes are theme. Additionally it is also advisable to argue that the salivary gland should be tamed, nevertheless, it is also important to have a healthy diet and regular exercise regime, this I only achievable by allowing children time to play as through play, the children improve their creativity, social skill as well as keep healthy.

Dominant obesity genes

Most parent fail to take action on the obese status of their children saying their children are obese and have the obesity genes, which they cannot correct. Additionally, the parent argues that their obese children will remain obese for the rest of their life. This is a very big misconception as these children once obese can shed some fats and will not necessarily remain obese their whole life. Some parent also RGUE that their children and responsible for their health, blaming a child for their obese status is wrong as it sets a mindset of shame and everlasting guilt. T this might lead to life time obesity in these children. Most children are obese because they learn bad habits from their parent while some parent fail to encourage their children to take up active life early in life.

While it is true that most children have a body mass index that is slightly higher than 95th percentile in comparison to children in the same age and of the same gender. It is important to note that most of the obesity “genetic obesity” is preventable through the right diet and exercise regime. Children with obesity are capable of shading more than 35% of their extra weight. This is mainly through exercise.

“Dieting” is the only Answer

Most parent in America try to put their children through rigorous dietary regime that involves the consumption of fad diets only. Though this may seem the best answer to consumption of snack and fast foods, it is not advisable to take fad diets that are commercialized in America.

The downside of this is never known to the parent of obese children because these fad diet lead to a quick loss of weight. These fad diets put a lot of stress on the Childs kidney and various internal organs. On the other hand, these diets never provide the appropriate nutrition that befits a growing child. Proper diet is a requirement for growing child as it helps in the development of skin, bones, teeth, hair and all other body parts. Most complication in life begins with poor diet and may be the cause of serious medical condition such as gallstones in the future life of children. Additionally, long term weight loss plan for children is important than short term plan.


Though weight loss is much safer and probably the most effective intervention, there are a lot of it than just exercise. Sustainable weight loss is important to the child than just one time weight loss, on the other hand, children should be taught about disciplined diet. Therefore, they stick to healthy diet and not diet, shunning fast foods as well practicing a lot. The current population is a sedentary population, this means that most of the pass time activities that children engage in are done either seated such as watching TV and playing video games, this can be blamed for the prevalence of obesity. Parent need to limit screen time and give their children with alternatives.