Children will be able to sing and have social interactive activities to help them supplement the class work and improve their

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Topic: lesson plan.

Grade level: kindergarten

Content: drawing, singing, actingLesson outcome: children will be able to sing and have social interactive activities to help them supplement the class work and improve their co-curricular activities.




Singing while expressing them.

Singing will help them explore their talents.

It will create an optional activity for them to spend their pass time.

It will provide for an optional method to express their feelings.

Pupil’s task;

Be willing to learn new songs

Participate in class activities

Be willing to participate as a group member

Teacher’s task;

Teach the children new and educative songs.

Coordinate the children to sing together.




For the children to learn how to express themselves through drawing.

To enhance the child’s ability to handle drawing materials.

To enhance the child’s talent .Pupils task;

To follow the teachers instructions on how to undertake this activity.

To bring with them drawing tools.

Teachers task;

To guide the children on how to draw.

Ensure that the children use their tools effectively.




To nature the children’s talent

To provide an avenue where the child can express himself/ herself

Pupil’s task;

To follow the teachers guidelines

To be willing to work in a group setting.

Teacher’s task;

To show the children how to dramatise and express themselves through acting.

Provide plays which are fun and easy to act. In case of plays with a complicated plot the teacher should simplify it and rewrite it in a simpler way.

By developing a class with same activities all aimed at achieving one prime objective that is to develop a child’s talent and grouping the lessons or units in a way that all contents complement one another for example in the case above, all are involved with self expression (Lee, 2000).

Through bringing children and other people from outside to help and to motivate the children through competitions, this adds to the teaching skills and the impact of one’s teaching skills.

Children will be able to assess themselves through several internal and external competitions so as to prove if the skills and approaches are working for them or not, children will develop a repertoire of themselves through the skills and their performance in class through presentations(Lee, 2000).


Lee, A. M., Thomas, K. T., & Thomas, J. R. (2000). Physical education for children: daily lesson plans for middle school (2nd ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.