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Choice For STEM Course

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Choice For STEM Course

Even though it is true that art and such kinds of courses are essential to life, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses are the courses that have the biggest impact on life. This can be proven by the medical field as it is a STEM-related field and it is a very important part of life as through medical research, drugs, and other related parts of the whole the human person has been made better and has been enabled to operate with very few sicknesses. Even those sicknesses that exist most have a cure and they can be healed effectively through science. Nursing is one of the courses under STEM and my choice for the course can be related to my desire to impact lives in a positive manner. I have always wanted to get in contact with people and help them in the best manner possible. However, this has not been possible and through nursing, I am hoping to impact people’s lives positively through nursing.

Another reason I chose nursing which is a STEM-related course is the fact that nursing even though more inclined towards medicine has some elements that make a human a full human being. That is the human contact that is needed for nursing and the warmth with which the nurses are supposed to have towards their patients. The fact that special care can contribute towards the healing of a patient is astonishing and apart from science nursing is like a calling and that is what made me choose the course. It combines science with the art of caring. These two make nursing adorable and desirable as people wish to be cared for.

A STEM college education will enable me to achieve personal goals like the desire to be part of a community or a noble profession like nursing which I have always desired. Through stem education, I will get to understand the basics of the human body and science in a general manner as well as understand what it takes to be a nurse as through the process realize the full nature of the profession as well as what goes into it. This was any disrespect or lack of appreciation for nursing I ever heard or had before will be done away when I become one. Another thing is that through nursing I will impact my community positively as I will serve to my best ability and help patients recover and go through the different illnesses with ease. By doing this I will have achieved my goal and dream of becoming a nurse which I had even when I was young. This came along as a result of my admiration of a nurse who took care of me when I was sick as a young child. Just like she took care of me I promised myself to take care of more people who were in a difficult situation and I would like to achieve that by studying nursing.