Class 3, Assignment 3 – Module Diversityvvv

Class 3, Assignment 3 – Module Diversity


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Diversity in the workplace is an important aspect, especially in today’s work environment. It helps create an opportunity for all to exercise their skills and experience, while also adding an advantage to the company’s way of doing business through providing diversified work solutions.


Workplace diversity simply explained is the uniqueness, differences, and similarities that employees in a company boast of and the considerations that a company considers as a means of recruiting and hiring talent without biasness. This can be seen in form of race, gender, culture, psychological, and social characteristics. This way, companies are able to give all and sundry a chance to put their skills and talents to work, as they gain experience in their field of work. At the same time, the company is able to enjoy greater benefits through profits and a wide skill set from its employees (Saxena, 2014). Workplace diversity also means that an organization looks for the best, possible means of meeting the needs of all its employees through the organization culture. This is made possible through meeting a threshold that cuts across all the differences and maximizes on the benefits and value.

Diversity Creation

In this day and age, organizations are finding it important to create a diverse working environment. For this to be achieved, it is important for organizational decision makers to take several aspects into consideration. First, the organizational heads have to consider the goals in place that they are striving to achieve through creating a diverse working environment (Kalache, 2019). This will give clarity to those in charge of diversity policies so that they align the policies with the organizational needs. Ensuring that the company employees are educated on the need for diversity is another consideration. This will create awareness across the company as the company heads strive to create diversity. In the process, the heads get to learn about the groups and people represented within the company. With this information, they are then able to create diversity in a manner that meets the needs of all while also considering those who may join the company later on (Shemla, 2018). This line of thought also helps the company heads understand what their employees think of the ideas put forward regarding the creation of a diverse environment. This would show that the heads value the thoughts of their own, thus informing on the best diversity implementation efforts.

Desired Outcome

As a result, the desired outcome would be a greater availability of experience and knowledge resulting in more effectiveness, increase in ideas on how to solve problems, greater flexibility in the organizational culture and activities due to a diverse group, and greater creativity. These lead to better organizational performance (Hofhuis, Van Der Rijt, and Vlug, 2016). To get here, the decision makers should have goal clarity, lend their ears to employees, bring their ideas to fruition, and align company goals with the needs. This helps with achievement of a diverse workplace.


To summarize, workplace diversity helps show people of all backgrounds that they are appreciated and that their efforts help improve and provided an added advantage to how business is done. Diversity creation takes into consideration the needs of the masses and aligns them with the company policies and organizational culture. The outcomes from this process are beneficial to the employees and the company, thus resulting in an improved society.


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