Classical Argument Outline

Classical Argument Outline


General sentence about topic: There are many diseases that can be treated or even cured with organ transplants, but these donors need to be donated by willing donors.

Linking sentence: There is a high demand for organs to be donated, but disproportionately fewer available donors.

Thesis Statement: The sale of human organs should be illegal because it promotes human trafficking, black markets for organs, and it is also unethical.

Body Paragraph 1

Topic Sentence: Because of the high demand for human organs, legalizing the sale of the organs would encourage human trafficking.

Supporting Detail/Evidence: Many people who need organ transplants in developed countries travel to developing countries.

Supporting Detail/Evidence: The main victims of human trafficking are poor and vulnerable populations that cannot protect themselves from traffickers.

Supporting Detail/Evidence: Long wait times for getting an organ.

Concluding Sentence: Traffickers use various tactics to lure victims such as promises of employment and financial rewards.

Body Paragraph 2

Topic Sentence: The second reason why the sale of human organs should not be legal is that it encourages the creation of a black market for organs.

Supporting Detail/Evidence: Under laws that prohibit the sale of human organs, recipients have to rely on national transplant lists run by government organizations.

Supporting Detail/Evidence: in black markets, organs would go to the highest bidder.

Supporting Detail/Evidence: Faced with the prospect of high returns, organ dealers will have even more incentives to procure organs illegally

Concluding Sentence: Legalizing the sale of human organs would allow these dealers to procure organs and sell them for very high prices.

Body Paragraph 3

Topic Sentence: Crime rates and exploitation of vulnerable people is another reason why the sale of human organs should not be legal.

Supporting Detail/Evidence: Some organs such as the heart and lungs are in high demand but can only be donated by recently deceased individuals

Supporting Detail/Evidence: Additionally, many vulnerable people would fall victim to forced abductions so that their organs can be harvested.

Supporting Detail/Evidence: Corrupt brokers, hospitals and physicians would take advantage of such people and exploit them.

Concluding Sentence: Legalizing the sale of human organs thus paves the way for exploitation of vulnerable populations, and such situations should be avoided at all costs.

Body Paragraph 4 – Counterargument/Refutation

Topic Sentence: Those in support of legalizing the sale of human organs argue that it would save many lives.

Supporting Detail/Evidence: Many people in dire need or organs die every day because they cannot access the organs that they need.

Supporting Detail/Evidence: The process of becoming an organ donor may be daunting for potential donors.

Supporting Detail/Evidence: Legalizing the sale of human organs would be a great incentive for many donors as they would see that the process also benefits them

Concluding Sentence: If a person can safely donate their organs and live without them, then they might as well benefit from such a sale.

The Essay’s Conclusion (do not simply repeat the thesis statement)

After examining both sides of the argument, it is clear that the sale of human organs should remain illegal. Although financial incentives could increase the supply of valuable organs, the potential risks are far greater than the benefits and therefore, it should remain illegal. People should be encouraged to donate organs out of altruism rather than any financial benefits.