Coastguard is a sea retreat association of a definite nation.

Coast Guard

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Amanda Hallman

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Coast Guard

Coastguard is a sea retreat association of a definite nation. The term assumes roughly to

different responsibilities in various nations, from being a dynamically prepared armed power with backgrounds and security to being unpaid assistant association assigned with an analysis, defends works, and without any law prerequisite powers (Michel,2016). The platform gets ready substitutes for open and reserved area positions in the emerging field. The HSEM program exploits an interdisciplinary tactic, planning alternates with the knowledge, skills, and dimensions to use and establish the full choice of bound and resources to enhance results in a humiliation whether systematic or human-caused.

The program offers understudies' info particular to numerous kinds and aims for the disaster, lessons from past calamities, and both comprehensive and threat of a particular practices that swift viable hatred, improvement, willingness, response, and retrieval.

This course gives strategies and policies to understudies who want to shape their vision, abilities, and dimensions in the security of crucial basis mechanisms. The course focus around the directing agenda areas, for example, marine, energy, SCADA, regulator, broadcasting public services, network and numerical foundation (Michel,2016).

The course gives introductory point of interpretation in the problem of how our current administration crisis management and point protect advanced on the potentials, abilities, and properties of its combined contexts. This course moreover focuses on the morals and performs of nation security and emergency management at the region, national, and government levels. The exploration of Country Safety and Emergency Administration gives the responsibilities that might depend on a theme watch. Some of the assistances skilled include, pursuit and protect, Execution of sea law, Security of containers, upkeep of seamarks, and boundary control.

The sole purpose of HSEM is to ensure that the community is resilient and well prepared. It, therefore, serves as the starting point for preparedness, response, recovery, and education in an emergency or disaster. The coast guard in united states operates under the department of homeland security. Its role is that it ensures the law is reinforced at sea by providing that drugs interdicted in addition to protecting the interests of the United States in as far as fishing is concerned.

Additionally, it provides illegal immigration is maintained at a minimum in the sea. HSEM uses several tools to achieve this objective of law enforcement. The coast guard efficiently ensures that lives are saved at sea. Many lives are lost in the sea owing to illegal activities and lack of predefined laws to protect the people who depend on the sea. HSEM, therefore, serves as the primary response in case disaster strikes at sea. Effectively, many lives saved and future occurrences deterred by providing training and intervention programs.

Through effective training methods, the United States Coast Guard adequately ensures that all individuals at sea know about responding to a disaster. Disaster management is at the forefront of the tools that the department uses to mitigate any impending attacks. Secondly, the coast guard uses patrols to efficiently gain intelligence and prevent any imminent assaults of natural disasters. All the waters under the United States control are effectively under the umbrella of the Coastguard. By patrolling, the department prevents illegal activities which may be dangerous on the American people. Illicit goods intercepted at sea.

These goods if allowed into the country would be detrimental to the economy and may pose more significant health dangers since they do not undergo the prerequisite standards which ensure the safety of the people. In addition to preventing illegal smuggling, it also protects the resources of the United States. Water is a natural resource in conjunction with fish. Frequent patrolling of the sea waters prevents at most illegal activities which pose a danger to the fish. Illegal fishing activities are therefore reduced to a bare minimum by the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency management department.

Additionally, the coast guard uses the search and rescue tool to ensures patrols at sea are for the safety of the people. It possesses many ships and boats with the sole aim of carrying out constant searches and rescue operations in the coast and the sea. Under the emergency umbrella, individuals who work at the coast guard efficiently ensure that all the citizens who use the sea are comfortable and accounted. In case of any discrepancies, the coast guard takes the mantle of providing that its people are safe at any particular instance.

The Coast Guard has many laws, but I wanted to focus mainly on Law Enforcement

Detachments. Law Enforcement Detachments are specialized deployable maritime law

enforcement teams of the United States Coast Guard. It was established in 1982. The

primary mission is to deploy aboard the U.S and allied naval vessels to conduct and support

maritime law enforcement, interdiction or security operations. The coast guard officially

established the Law Enforcement Detachment program in 1982. In 1986, the public law specifically authorized the establishment of billets for active duty coast guard personnel to carry out drug interdiction operations from naval surfaces vessels provided by the department of defense.

The Posse Comitatus Act and department policy didn’t aloud department of defense personnel from directly engaging in law enforcement activities were tasked with operating abroad United States Navy ships to investigate contacts and conduct boarding’s by Coast Guard policy and directives. The Coast Guard designated the lead agency for the interdiction and apprehension of illegal drug traffickers on the high seas. To meet these statutory responsibilities, the Department of Defense began deploying surface assets to drug interdiction areas, making ships available for direct support of Coast Guard law enforcement operations.

In the 1990s the individual Law enforcement detachments were consolidated under three Tactical Law Enforcement Teams. The Tactical Law Enforcement team North based in Chesapeake, Virginia and the Tactical Law Enforcement Team Gulf based in New Orleans Louisiana. The Tactical Law Enforcement South based in Opa-Locka, Florida and lastly the Pacific Area, Tactical Law Enforcement Team, based in San Diego, California. In 2004, Tablet north was decommissioned and merged with Maritime Safety and Security Team to form a new counter-terrorism unit which was eventually named the Maritime Security Response Team.

From July 2007 to April 2013 the Tactical Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement Detachments were part of the Coast Guards Deployable Operations Group to organize the Coast Guards. Various deployable specialized force under a single command. In April 2013, the DOG disbanded, and the Tickets returned to control of the area commanders. The Law Enforcement Detachments currently consist of anywhere between six to eleven members and are usually commanded by Lieutenant. Personnel is trained in close quarters to combat vertical insertion techniques and container climbing.

Counterdrug operations are the LEDETs primary mission, although they also conduct other military indication mission types. The first joint U.S Coast Guard, U.S Navy airborne use of force interdiction, occurred on September 10th 2006 from the Tablet South and Detachment 1 from the United States Navy helicopter. This topic is essential in our daily activities and our future at significant because it deals with important parts of our lives.

Every Citizen is entitling to security hence this topic is making an alarm on how we can respond to national security threat. Coast Guard is always with Homeland Security because It is operating under Homeland Security. The only time the Coast Guard doesn’t deal with Homeland Security is when working as a service in the Navy. Hence it has maritime law enforcement missions with the jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters. Coast Guard is pretty cool because people don’t realize how much Coast Guard benefits our country and how much they help.

Things that The US Coast Guard will do in a day are things like, Conduct 109 search and rescue cases. Protect 2,791,841 in property, board 144 vessels, seize 169 pounds of marijuana and 306 pounds of cocaine worth 9,589,000 dollars, and respond to 20 oil hazardous chemical spills totaling 2,800 gallons and much more stuff that they have to do. I think this is a better job to be carried on to enhance better and tight security for more safety to our nation. That is many things that the Coast Guard has to deal with during a typical day. Those are essential things that have to get done to keep our country safe. The Coast Guard has set core values that they go through. It doesn’t matter if you’re active duty, reservists, auxiliaries or civilians.

The Coast Guard core values are Honor. Respect and Devotion to Duty. The United States Coast Guard played a hugely important role in the planning, response and recovery efforts of the government in three mission areas: search and rescue, marine pollution response, and the management of maritime commerce. This topic is essential for future holds since it offers safe rescue and faster response efforts. Over 5,600 Coast Guardsmen participated in the Coast Guard’s response efforts.


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