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College Essay for Application

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College Essay for Application

Two minutes left on the clock against our biggest rival at the championship, Clarkson High, but the score was still a tie, 3-3. My team kept pressing so much. Finally, our midfielder receives the ball, lifting it over Clarkston’s left midfielder. The crowd had already started cheering as our midfielder dribbled down the field. Each of our fans stood on tiptoes with their teeth clenched. Our midfielder reverse hits the ball to our right forward. Our competitor’s fans remained silent, wondering what was about to happen. Unfortunately, the ball rolled out of bounds, and a perfect goal-scoring opportunity was missed. The coaches seemed deflated. Before our defense has time to drop back, the ball is flying down the sideline, with only forty-five seconds left to play. Slotted across the 16-yard box, the ball glides out of reach for our defense. Bang-Goal! They rush to celebrate in a huddle; parents erupt in cheers. Zeros on the clock. We lost by one goal in the last moments of the match; we had lost the State Championship.

For a moment, there is a defining silence. Seconds later, the buzzer sounds, breaking the silence as the crowd erupts. Gloves, sticks, and helmets scatter the ice as our rival team jumps on the glass to celebrate their victory. Our dream had been to make it to the state tournament, but at this moment, our pride and dreams had been shattered. The loss was quite agonizing, and we could not bear it. It could be seen in my teammates’ eyes. Some of them cried uncontrollably after losing the match. However, we believed that lessons learned from this defeat would carry us underclassmen to work and try even harder the next season.

My hockey team, Detroit Country Day field hockey, had to prepare early enough for the next season. We had to endure several changes and a rough patch because some seniors were not returning the following year. Coach Geyman appointed me as the new captain in hopes of instilling a new team spirit. Our coach’s confidence in me made me believe in myself and took the position. Although it was my first time to be appointed a leader, I wanted to be a leader that left an impression on the underclassmen.

Being a first-time leader, it was not easy to deal with a team that had its pride and dreams shattered. I knew very well that the team required a patient leader with a vision and desire to succeed. However, I needed the training to become this type of leader. I enrolled in a coaching session to help me grow my leadership skills and make the best for my team. During the coaching, I learned that it is important to celebrate our efforts regardless of wins and losses, something that our team did not uphold when we lost the championship. I learned that celebrating what we have worked hard to learn is important, sometimes than the number of wins we get. Upon learning to appreciate our efforts, I stilled the same spirit in my team, and every team member seemed re-energized. Although we had not made it to the state tournament the previous season, we had improved our playing skills to higher levels. As a team, we gained appreciation of it.

Also, the coaching helped me learn much about what it takes to be a true leader. I learned that being a leader does not place a person above their teammates physically, morally, or mentally. Instead, it sets the leader as a guide to keeping the teammates on track. Therefore, as the captain, I focused more on giving my teammates directions and helping them achieve their goals. I also ensured that my teammates did not perceive me as a leader who felt superior to others. I embraced the spirit of democracy, where I considered all teammates equal, and I was always interested in listening to the views and opinions of each teammate. We would sit together as a team and devise a solution in case of any issue. Serving as a hockey team captain helped me develop my leadership skills and acquire the attributes of a great leader, which have served me incredibly well in developing teammates and other people to succeed. I hope to continue growing these skills and attributes so that I can become a better leader in the future.