Columbine shooting After the occurrence of the shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado

Columbine shooting

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After the occurrence of the shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado, that left 13 dead and other 20 severely injured. The intelligence service group did an investigation at the scene where the shooting occurred to gather information to find out relevant groups that may have ought to get involved in the attack (Birkland, T. A. (2004). Entirely some interviews were done with students, Harris and Klebold who were involved in the shooting were associated with the group called The Trench Coat Mafia. There was a loose group that involved close former social affiliate group of students and some of the current Columbine High school students that had no right leadership democracy, formal organization structure and can only compare to the juvenile gangs that found in the street. Though according to an investigation, this group has got no association worldwide. The Trench Coat Mafia was fascinated by Goth culture.

Trench coat mafia is a group that seems to have got no proper foundation and clear origin. It is said to have begun with a small group of members who started coming to school by putting on black trench coats. Black Trench coat was a common unique symbol that the group used to put on as a sign of membership amongst themselves. The dress code led to several nicknames for instance “outcast” that members used to call themselves and outsiders if you did not belong to the group. Most of the Trench coat members used to take part in different types of activities in school, for instance, playing Doom games, video games as well as producing videos for school projects and most members of the group harassed by the jokes from athletes. In the year 1998, a photographs book was obtained giving identification and the names of people who belong to Trench coat group, and in the following year, a photo was also produced capturing reflecting members posing pointing weapons towards the camera. The image of Klebold and Harris appeared holding guns fantasizing to be firing weapons.

Religiously organized terrorist groups have a more significant influence in the society especially to youth members that have a self-driven ideology. Their actions are personal and secret, and their self-interest hence proper explanations were needed for their cause of such kind of works, their aim and mission should bring to book. Members of the terrorist group are usually devoted and determined to the reason of the whole group. Related Religious groups such as “Trench Coat members’ terrorist groups” use religion ways protect their interest hence in this case, Harris, and Klebold did the shooting to cause revenge and to retaliate for being bullied with other students who based on different religions that were not theirs (Muschert, G. W. (2009). Land, autonomy, and Ethnic difference are frequently the main factors leading to fights amongst the affected religious manner, for instance, the case of the Palestinian – Israeli Conflict and the battle for Jammu and Kashmir (a province in Northern India) between India and Pakistan (Goldstein, 2007).

There are specific implications when individual terrorist groups and individuals are involved and viewed as prominent Eschatology, and terrorist groups come together to form a particular conviction that the end times is almost near and the conditions of violence should prevail to score reward of the holy warrior before their dignity. Most of the Eschatological see themselves as the marshals of end times, and their participation shall be greatly rewarded (Muschert, G. W. (2009). There is no negotiation involvement with the enemy because God doesn’t comprise with wicked.

It sounds so sad that the attack had higher probability chances of being prevented, but it wasn’t

Some years before the attack, the rampage sheriffs the columbine detective’s body law enforcement tried to link a website that belongs to Harris the shooter to the pipe bombs that found near his house. An affidavit was filled for warrant search to be carried out but it was not issued. Within some days shooting occurred that left 13 dead and 20 injured occurred. The report about Harris website asked, but it never brought to court. Information in the affidavit was enough to hold Harris into a count and to ask several questions, and even if the there wasn’t enough information, a search warrant was to be issued to help in the provision of enough information. However, the carelessness of the police, a search warrant was to be released to get more information to do away with suspicion of terror attacks. In today’s world, such kind of information should not assume by the police force or any relevant law enforcement authority.

Terror attack that occurred in Columbine led to a more and better rapid response category. Columbine Response has received criticization widely, but recently a lesson has been learned from their strategy, it has helped save lives of many individuals in Douglas High school in parkland and Marjory Stoneman before the Colorado shooting (Hogan, M. J. (2001). Response officers do set some secular perimeter to surround the crime scene before they could attack the suspected area. Columbine Response has led to the development of more training, police department from the sheriff’s department includes 16 hours course training that prepares responders to distract and isolate. Most of the response officers have trained on the alert programs hence this has helped to save quite some lives.

Americans have created highest priority department called Homeland security this helps in dealing with terrorist attack threats. The United States is facing severe, dangerous terrorist threat; this has enabled a state to use weapons of mass destruction. The nuclear weapons radiological, chemical and biological that has been aimed to harm a large group of people. Homeland security department works tirelessly to prevent terrorist attacks and other threats from engaging in the use of such weapons (Birkland, T. A. (2004).Critical infrastructure is also another physical and cyber system that is important in the united states to, their inability to would debilitate material impact on economic security or public and safety for citizens.

Columbine has acquired some new style of mass shootings and new tricks that both the participant in this case the public and law enforcement responded. Since the attack of Columbine, school security has changed to improve the standard of lives of citizens. Different faculty members undergo thorough training and students are also expected to prepare some attack shooter drills. The police are focused on surrounding a building before the attacking the scene to stop the shooting. Now as from 1999 columbine has never been a deadliest scene so far.


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