Motivation And Management Philosophy

Motivation And Management Philosophy


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Motivation is simply the desire to doing things as well as setting the elements for attaining the goals of organizations. Public Administration is the implementation criteria used by the civil servants in official frameworks of executive government. This paper tries to examine ways of planning and how to pursue a career in Public Administration as well as the management philosophies used by run the organization.

Motivation and Plans for Pursuing a Career in Public AdministrationWhen planning to pursue a career in the public Administration, one should answer some questions concerning the course chosen and these questions should be included in the planning. The first thing is the public service incentives or motivations. Most people choose a career in the public services as their careers because they want to be different from other people by making significant contributions to the society. This type of motivation should not be unnoticed since making of contributions to the society is the most significant basis of satisfaction to the professionals for the public service. Therefore, these people should always ask themselves what they should do to make differences in the society.

One should also have plans in knowing the areas strengths, by finding that one can do what one likes most; this can be something, which is taking an advantage of one’s strength extremely valued by employers. One should also know the resources that exist in pursuing the career in Public Administration.

Management PhilosophyIntroduction

Management philosophy is a set of different ideas about the best management practices. Management is an art of mobilizing people in order for them to do the best by achieving the success. The following points stated below are some of my understanding about management philosophy.

Organization can be said to be effective when it balances both the effectiveness as well as, efficiency this is by doing right things as well as by getting those right things. Also, the effectiveness of the company can rely on striking the balances between preserving as well as producing productions.

Functioning of the organization to their best is also a philosophy of management that ensures the best performance of the organization. In this case, everyone should share missions as well as visions in an organization. People are effective on how they are doing their jobs as evidenced that organization’s personnel do perform a complete job.

Philosophy of Building the CommitmentThe other management philosophy that I know of is the philosophy of building the commitment. Since, commitments are known to be an accomplishment of the set goals in an organization by a willing, coercion as well as, force. An important to the development commitment is the involvement by participating in decision making in the organization.

Combining the competent management by means of effective leadership. It is highly possible for effective managers to succeed through proper management. This can be done by combining both management as well as leadership skills.

The last philosophy of management that I know of is the philosophy of managers as well as supervisors having the appropriate skills mixed together hence quicker decision making. The skills require here involves the technical, human and the conceptual skills. The technical skills are for specific people, for example, the managers who contribute to the planning as well as administrations, which include the gathering of information, analyzing them, solving of the problems and time management in the organization.