Motivation For College Application

Motivation For College Application

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Motivation For College Application

My desire is to pursue nursing and I hope through nursing I will be able to reach as many people as possible and take care of them as I have a caring personality. One of the major career goals I would like to achieve is not only becoming a nurse but also becoming a senior nurse and an instructor. After I finish my initial studies of becoming a nurse I would like to practice and after a while go back to school to further my studies in the field of nursing and enable other young people to take care of the patients in hospitals who need care given to them. I chose nursing because being a nurse feels the best thing to me. This is because through nursing I will be able to interact with patients, know what their problems are and try to help them to the best of my ability. The human connection, love and care that is needed for nursing describes me as well as the hard work that is needed for nurses. Nursing also provides a person with a platform for them to be able to take care of others and not just to focus on themselves. Focusing on oneself even though important is not the most important thing to do when it comes to caring for other people and therefore the best thing to do in the case of a nurse is to focus on the patients and that is what I would like to do. The desire to become a nurse therefore motivated me to apply for college since there is where I will learn on how to take care of patients and learn what it takes to make a good nurse.

Some of my personal goals for applying to college is that the college I applied to is one of the best and it is a good one. Another reason is that the college has a very good environment through which I can be able to freely interact and make friends whole at the same time making sure that I am on the course of making sure that my scores and performance is good in my course as a nurse. I have had many accomplishments and experiences which have made me come up with the desire to become a nurse. One of these experiences have been the learning about first aid and how to take care of injured people. When I did the course, I got to learn how nursing is important even though it can be a difficult job at times as some people do not wish to be consoled or it can be very difficult to take care of a person for example who has lost all their family members. One thing that made me understand myself better was the pharmacy job I did and the different types of volunteers works I have done and all I have seen is the importance of taking care of people and therefore I decided to become a nurse and take care of all the people who are sick or who needs a nurses help.