Motivation is a difficult topic. A number of approaches try to explain how motivation works





Needs and Motivation

Motivation is a difficult topic. A number of approaches try to explain how motivation works. In management, the most known descriptions of motivation in regards to needs of the employees. There are factors that motivate a person; these factors are found within a person. However, there are other factors outside the person can also have effects on the person. Every person has needs that he or she wants to be satisfied. All people have needs that they want satisfied. In management, there are several theories of motivation and needs (Cliffs Notes 1). This essay will discuss the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory and how it is applied in Southwest according to the “People” section of 2011 Southwest One Report.

Maslow was and industrial psychologist who studied human behavior. He said that human needs can be arranged in a hierarchy as individuals progress from the lower level to the higher level needs. Individuals would be motivated to fulfill whichever needs were important to them at a given time. These needs include self-actualization needs, Ego/esteem needs, socio-affiliation needs, safety/security needs, and physiological needs (Lauby 1).

The Southwest satisfies the physiological needs of their employees by putting them first and offering them an opportunity to pursue good health. The need for safety and security is catered for by creating financial security for the employees. The socio-affiliation needs are taken care of by allowing employees to travel and socialize, have fun and stay connected. Making a positive difference caters for the ego and self-esteem needs of the employees. Self-actualization needs are met by allowing employees to learn and grow, create and innovate, and work hard to achieve their goals. The Southwest’s way, of motivating employees, is a good one and if I were one of its employees I would be positively motivated to work harder. I would work to achieve both personal and organizational goals. Putting employees first is a good way of motivation.

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