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Jane journey

Produced by Diamond Rocks, a movie production company in Germany, Jane’s Journey is an exciting documentary about a woman who loved and has adored nature all her life ever since she was a small child. Jane Goodall an affectionate, enthusiastic, warm hearted nature lover stars as the main character of this documentary. Born in April 3rd 1934, now a primatologist, anthropologist and UN peace messenger, she is considered the world’s foremost chimpanzee expert. She has studied about chimpanzees for the past 45 years and learnt about their social and family relations. She is also the founder of Jane Goodall Institute that helps in matters of environmental conservation an animal welfare.

The movie filmed by German filmmaker Lorenz Knauer, features Goodall’s iconic environmental conservation and her affection and goal towards aiding them. It also features Jane as a small child progressing to her teens in England. The film shows Jane’s humorous and playful attribute as she visited the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. There is a footage of her both as a child and mature with the chimpanzees, her love for them is quite overwhelming and it shows how amazing, friendly and intelligent they are. Being child she was born inspired by Tarzan (Goodall, 1999). Apart from Tanzania the film features her in various continents too.

Educative and giving reason as to why we should conserve our natural environment and take care of the creatures as well. The movie also reveals about love and taking care of everything inclusive of the needy in the society. We should show love and help people in the society. Jane Goodall gives the impression and the importance of taking care of wildlife, that animals just like us need care and love and above all to be understood. She has spread her knowledge through books and articles she has written.


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