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Museum of Brands

This paper is giving a detailed report on the visit conducted to the Museum of Brands. During this time, we walked around all the sections of this place in order to ensure that we got a lot of education on various matters. However, this paper will focus on the lessons learnt from the branding section. It is true that our visit was quite informative because we got an opportunity to know a lot of things concerning branding which we had theoretically studied in class.

To begin with, it was so interesting to learn about the brands of various commodities in this museum. While some of them familiar to us, the rest were totally new. Hence, we got an opportunity to learn about the historical development of the museum and designs of various brands of commodities. This would be important to us since it would give us an opportunity to contextualize all that we had learnt in the branding class throughout the week.

I was particularly delighted to learn about the invention and historical developments of the Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate. After its discovery as a one-man shop in the 1824, it was really interesting to learn that it is still popular to date. Many people still consider this brand as the most preferred choice over other substitutes and complementary goods. Cadbury’s drinking chocolate has been a very successful brand for a very long time since its inception. It has become a household name in many places today. It has gone a lot of transitions in its designs and brands especially during the Victorian, 1920s and 1990s. Hence, it is popular with many people who simply prefer it because of the kind of originality it has maintained since then. In other words, it has been consistent for a long time now. This has made it easier to appeal to the clients who often identify with its repeated adverts.

It managed to survive all the past eras because of the high level of creativity and originality witnessed in its designs. This made its advertisements be appealing to many people who have now embraced the use of this commodity. The consistencies in its designs have made it become popular over others. Hence, many buyers use it in their day to day consumptions. As a result, it has survived the past eras because of the honesty displayed in its designs. Its mega brands have been filtered to make them appropriate to the context in which they are used. Its logos and brand designs are relevant to the changing demands, tastes and preferences of the clientele seeking to use the product for clinical purposes.

Some of the photos for Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate brands include the following:

A part from the Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate, i also learnt a lot about different brands of Greeting Cards present in this museum. These are found in the Victorian Scrapbook and are attributed to the effects of mass production. These cards have also managed to survive during all the eras despite the challenges that have been experienced. According to the information we got, this has been possible because of the persistent improvements done in designing such brands.

Very many designs of Greeting Cards such as Standard Greeting Cards; Photo Greeting Cards, Personalized Greeting Cards, Musical Greeting Cards and Pop-Up Cards are used. Their use has been changing periodically depending on the demands of the market and changing technologies. Hence, their designs have changed over the years in order t cope up with the market demands. As a result, diverse needs of the clients have been met making it be so successful. Hence, it appeals to many people who stick to them because of their well designed adverts.

Some of the photos that can be used to illustrate this brand include the following:

On the other hand, during this visit, I also realized that there are a lot of brand designs that I had never heard of before. The knowledge about them was very important because it helped me to be more aware of the various commodity brands in the market today. Some of them included the following:

Ping pong

I have never known that there is a game called ping-pong. However, when I went to this museum, I realized that there are lots of materials used for playing this type of game. Hence, these brands are only applicable to the players of this game. Just like other brands, the designs of these materials have also undergone very significant changes. This has been in response to the changing demands of the clients. Hence, the museum stocks these designs and illustrates on how effectively they have been designed to create some uniqueness in the market. The changing designs in the brands and logos of these materials have enabled it to appeal to many clients.

The following are some of the Illustrations for the various designs of this product:

Royal souvenirs

Before I went to this museum, I did not know about this kind of product. However, my visit helped me because I realized that royal souvenirs are collection of gifts that can be bought by anybody willing to give an expensive gift to their friend or relative. These gifts can also be used to appreciate a person for doing something remarkable. At the same time, they can be used during wedding ceremonies.

However, the history of their use is very long because it began very many years a go. Hence, it is important for individuals to know that they may be very expensive to acquire. All the various brands have been used in advertisements for this precious product. That is why many people like to purchase it for various uses.

The illustration pictures are listed herein:

In conclusion, I would like to agree with the fact that Museum of Brands is an ideal place for practical sessions of this class. It equipped us with knowledge on the historical development and changing trends in branding and advertisements of a range of products. Even if much of these brands start from a very miniature level, they expand into mega brands in order to address the changing demands of clients. Surely, this museum is quite educative and should be used by anyone willing to learn more about branding.