My Career as an Early Educator

My Career as an Early Educator

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The job of being an early educator is one of the most engaging and fulfilling careers. I personally experience so much joy having the ability to pass on knowledge and skills to different young children who I come across. It is very fulfilling having to witness a child develop their cognitive skills as well as their all round ability under your tutelage. It essentially gives me a purpose to continue teaching and improving my expertise as a teacher. Reflecting on my leadership experiences, I believe I have made giant strides in as far as how I can become a great leader in both my school setting and general life. One of my great strengths has been the ability to accept the differences of my student’s background.

I have always had the belief of giving every child a fair chance at success and as such I always strive to give every child a platform to soar great heights in their education. I also have the strength of being adept at the type of teaching method that resonates well with my class. This ensures that my class is actively involved and that they always will be looking forward to attending their area of growth that I would most probably like to improve on would be my poor teamwork skills. I tend to do a lot of work on my own and spend a lot of time pondering on difficult decisions, when it could be easier with the right help from my colleagues.

I hope to acquire new knowledge from this course that will help me in the administration duties, strategies, policy formulation and the ways to implement them in a way that is beneficial to my students. A lot of time, teachers can get so much engrossed in class work, such that they forget or ignore knowing more about administration duties especially considering it is a fundamental part of early childhood education.