My Dream and Reason for Scholarship

My Dream and Reason for Scholarship

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My Dream and Reason for Scholarship

I had many dreams about how my life would be when I was a child. However, recently I have got fixated on one dream only and that involves community service and helping the needy. This is alongside business inventions and other means of income that will support the community service and the help of the needy in the community. Firstly, I had a dream of becoming a big tech business person but later I realized that even though tech is important to some extent it leads to the death of social skills. I also thought of farming but it is not the best option right now. For the past one year I have thought about medicine and why people get sick as well as their inability to get medication when they need it.

This has troubled me a lot as I see people suffering with diseases which are difficult to cure and I feel compassion for them. Other cannot even afford the medications they have to take and they are constantly in danger of developing complex health complications. My dream is to have these people assisted through all the means possible. One of the major ways through which such people can be assisted is by making sure that the drugs being sold are either low cost and high quality or the price remains but such people are given the ability to pay for such. Another concern is the medical insurance cover for people. Medicare has helped a lot of people in terms of their health but still it is true that not all Americans are insured and that means some of the Americans have to buy the drugs they get prescribed at hospital using their cash. Therefore, my dream is to address this issue and through the different efforts possible through my pharmacies I will come up with in the future address the issue of the many people being unable to get drugs needed for their different diseases.

I am very excited to join the campus and I am looking forward towards making sure that I do my best in terms of academics as well as the other extracurricular activities. There are several reasons as to why I think I should be considered for the scholarship. Firstly, I am hardworking, diligent and I always look forward towards making a positive change in the society in my capacity. When I am selected for the scholarship, I will make sure that I work smart and that I attain the highest marks possible and this will enable me to become the best in my field. I will also engage other students and instructors towards how best I can become of benefit to my community apart from what I already know and make sure that the feedback I get I actualize it in places and times where possible. If I get the scholarship, I will treat it with respect and appreciate the opportunity by making sure that I follow every guideline and instruction I receive from the scholarship board. Therefore, I am hoping to get the scholarship and when I get it I will treat it with respect and work towards attaining the goals of the scholarship board and my personal goals.