My experiences in completing the Capstone Research Paper

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My experiences in completing the Capstone Research Paper

Introduction The issue of sexually transmitted diseases is one of the significant challenges that affect young people, especially currently among universities and colleges; young people are having difficulty coping with the challenges and issues they face as sexually transmitted infections are on the rise. The major causes of this whole issue is being sexually active and sharing partners or having more than one partner. This can be said to be one of the major practices in most teenagers and young adults, and it is difficult to deal with the issue. This is because most of the teenagers are not open about what they go through. Therefore this research paper focuses on the challenge in finding the best way to deal with young people with a focus on sexually transmitted infections and how they can be treated or the spread to be stopped.

Challenges faced during research

There have been many challenges in researching the issue of sexually transmitted diseases among young people. It is an important area to venture into and try to bring solutions to the many problems that lead to many sexually transmitted infections. It is also essential to carry out tests and campaigns about it since the young people might respond to that better than just a friend of theirs researching about the issue for academic purposes.

One of the significant challenges was the unavailability of the young people for interviews or to answer the questionnaires. This was a big challenge as trying to get someone to answer the whole of the questionnaire was not easy as young people have priorities which to a certain degree might look misinformed. Therefore this was a challenge, but I did try to get several of the young people to fill in the questionnaires and avail themselves for the interviews. This challenge might have been related to the fact that the young people do not want to discuss about the challenges they face and how these challenges have affected them therefore decide to be silent and live with what the challenges bring to them.

The other challenge faced was the young people being selective on what they wanted to talk about since they felt differently about different issues. Therefore, to some extent, mostly whereby my friends were being interviewed, I tended to make sure they were entirely comfortable about what we were doing to help them give out the expected or required information without distraction. Another challenge faced was the shyness or the feeling that it was not the right thing to talk about a person’s sexual life, especially with a focus on sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore this is what led many people into being silent about the issue and most of these young people keep on suffering in silence.

Benefits gained

The completion of this research paper helped me understand and gain knowledge of the area I concentrated on. This means, therefore, I gained experience about the importance of talking and discussing the problems a person faces, especially if they are sexual related problems and if they are affecting the individuals mentally, physically, emotionally, and how they behave.

I also learned that the effects of the sexually transmitted diseases are far more than a person could imagine, and therefore it had to be addressed since it has always been seen as the tip of the problem and not the whole picture. Encouraging people to see the entire concept of sexually transmitted diseases, especially in colleges and universities, is essential. It helps them understand how these young people can be supported to remain healthy and away from such effects and risks of their lives.


In conclusion, I can say that even though the preparation of the paper was tiresome, it was worth the efforts and the time invested into it because it also helped me to learn a lot about the sexual behaviours and generally the lives of many students in higher institutions of learning. Therefore it is essential to address some lifestyles to curb challenges which come along the sexually transmitted infections and diseases.