My Five Years Plan

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My Five Years Plan

Executive Summary

The following outline/ specifications discusses on the destiny of my career. My career finance and accounting suits my dreams of becoming a stockbroker. In relation to this, I have been pursuing goals, which are proactive enough to respond to demands of my career. It should be noted that this field have recently been invaded by unaccountability. Investors lose confidence and this results to massive withdraws and liquidation of shares. The volatile activities associated with this amounts to bad economic times. In the year 2009, Americans were hit by the worst economic recession in over twenty years. Recession leads to the loss of jobs, and investments. For this reason, I desire to pursue this field in order to achieve my intrinsic objectives in life of a society, which is free, and fare to its occupants.

After graduation

Soon after graduation, I see myself in the free service to a major stockbroker located in our city. The stockbroker has recently enlisted newer companies as part of the client and its reaching out to find more investors. The new team of marketers and brokers’ promises the company new prosperity in relation to financial security. For this reason, the accounting department will be overwhelmed by work and this will amount to increased in the number of potential activities. As a result, I have derived of transaction that I will be tackling. I have majored in finance- accounting option. My activities will include, attending to financial, policy and legal questions affecting the company. Secondly, I will be attending meeting and specifying what the company is required to do in the next two, to three decades. Thirdly, I will be involved in budgeting team and meeting internal and external parties. Finally, I will analyze reports and sample projects, which affect my department (Conford, 2014, pp. 180).

For this reason, I will be required to develop personal goals and objectives. My personal goals are my vision, and mission for the stockbrokerage company. Firstly, I would prefer to make the organization the best in terms of efficiency. This will involve treating of clients on priority basis. In addition, I will endeavor to make this organization the most successful in terms of sales and clientele base. Secondly, I would prefer to make the accounting department the lead department in terms of quality. For this reason, I would endeavor to offer my services to the department all geared towards achieving positive goals.

In relation to this, I would bring new ideologies to this field. Stockbrokerage has recently adopted a collective I.T strategy. Lead companies; for instance, NASDAQ has been enrolling proactive I.T goals all expected to respond directly to the success of the organization. Following the successful integration of I.T in the stockbrokerage, accounting problems have been trivialized. However, this multi-level success has structurally been responsible in ushering in a culture of newer problems. Critical problems integrated with accounting are lack of proper transparency. Stockbrokerage firms have been criticized with one of the worst fraudulent activities. For this reason, potential investors prefer to trade alone for fear of losing the real investment capital to brokerage firms. As part of the service to this industry, I am hoping to bring accountability by ensuring that companies publish the appropriate financial statements.

Five Years from now

My career prospects in relation to this industry have been centered in making the industry authentic for the general investor base. Invest should be assured of profits and stable economic times since lack of investors’ confidence can lead to massive withdrawals. Consequently, investors withdraw can lead to punitive financial times, for instance, the 2009 economic recession (Weale, 2009, pp. 4). However, it is lucid to note that the industry has a derived capacity of employing a large workforce and consequently inviting better and more transparent system. For this reason, I consider this industry a success and fortune to most companies and investors for allocating funding for projects. Although much of the systems in relation to stockbrokerage are already in place, it cannot be ignored that critical change should be done to limit the potential losses, and loss of hope characterized with this industry. This industry is one of the first growing in the finance sector. The reason is that, the complexity of the industry limits the overall external competition. Secondly, the industry by far larger controls and reflects the market situation. For this reason, the industry will change and change positively for the greater good of markets. Currently, lead companies, for instance, NYSE and NASDAQ are pursuing web application to ensure that users can access their accounts at a remote location. In relation to this, it is notable that web-application seems lucrative to the development of this industry as compared to the telephone calls which were not clear from back office operations.

Based on this, it is positive to note that in five years time I will be making progress into my career as one of the lead actors. Following the radical changes in the I.T industry courtesy of mobile app development and web-internet technology, it is positive to note that the industry will have taken a higher gear in relation to the development. In particular, the app development should take a higher face in interpreting information. The major problem in stockbrokerage is lack of investors’ confidence (Sap and Yan, 2003, pp. 225). For this reason, investors attempt to withdraw in drowns once they detect a financial meltdown. The consequence massive withdraws is that deeper economic challenges are expected. Therefore, in five years times, I expect the I.T department will have realized these problems and consequently provided sufficient answers to quell these problems. Answers could attempt to breakdown the complex accounting arithmetic to simpler terms that investors can understand. Consequently, I expect that in five years, the legal department will have improved to permit a reaction against legal challenges In this case; policies should focus on the collective compensation packages and mitigation of deliberate financial problems.

Following the increased authenticity of stockbrokerage associated with proper orientation of I.T services, it is expected that stockbrokerage activities will expand to permit the inclusion of more investors. An increased number of investors will therefore translate to increased funding and consequently the expansion of stockbrokerage activities. Increased activities and funding will amount to the expansion of innovative terminologies involved in investing. For this reason, I prospect that in five years time, stockbrokerage will have improved and consequently accounting activities will prosper. For this reason, increased funding and investors will require more work forces. Therefore, the level of employment will automatically expand to permit for the activities in relation to the same.

Additionally, I will be expected to practice as an accountant-cum stockbroker. Since I intend to reach-out to the community positively, I have preferred to communicate stockbrokerage benefits to the public by assuming the role of accounting cum-stock broker. In particular, I have assessed consultancy as a lucrative involvement in the near future. However, I will apply consultancy back-to-back with accounting to ensure that I am at greater service to the community. My service will focus on advising investors on a possible investment stratagem. A critical consideration that I will focus on is improvising high-end communication skills either through use of website or mobile based application; for instance, whats up to communicate to the public a wide range of possible investments goals.

Marketable Skills

In relation to the nature of the industry, one will notice that there is a decisive need to development coherent marketable skills. For this reason, I plan to develop a desirable marketing campaign dubbed “putting your needs first.” This campaign will attempt to communicate the company goals of authenticity to the public and consequently implementing them based on the stratagem of promises. To achieve this campaign, I need to develop responsive marketing skills. Marketing skills in this case will seek to respond directly to the nature of stockbrokerage environment. Firstly, I will need to be an effective communicator in order to communicate the company goals to the investors and top organization. Secondly, I will need to posses superior organization development techniques with intent to achieve optimal organization policy goals.

However, these goals should be achieved by developing a proactive organization agenda. To ensure that I am more relevant to the organization, I will be required to firstly, develop superior communication techniques inside the college environment. This will require me to organize multiple debates in relation to organizational mentoring and consequently, build-up a reliable network one, which will respond directly to the needs of the organization. For this reason, I have scheduled myself an empowering program dubbed “here we develop”. The program will seek to adopt skills from the academia, and this can be reflected back to the program. Soon after the graduation, I will conduct a radical campaign, dubbed accountability for the greater good. This campaign will seek sponsors to fund a field campaign on the importance of investment in stocks as compared to savings and pensionable allowances.


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