My leadership Growth Plan

My Leadership Growth Plan

Focusing and thinking about the future helps me understand the environment around me, as well as the people living besides me. This will help me in avoiding all the possible setbacks that might arise from my subjects. (Social intelligence, Proactive leadership)

Listening is an intra-personal leadership skill that I have developed overtime, this creates effective communication between my subjects and I. it will help me understand their needs and desires loosely hence boosting my effectiveness in serving them right. (Servant leadership, Good communicator)

An exemplary leader is the one who treats others with utmost respect in expectation of the same from his subjects. I will treat them with the highest level of humility in expectation of their loyalty towards my leadership capacity. (Servant leadership, Respectful)

Excitement is believed to be contagious. Motivation brings about excitement; hence, I will look forward to carry out my day-to-day activities with utmost excitement as I will look forward to a joyful relation with my subjects. (Charismatic leadership, Enthusiastic leadership)

A great leader utilizes the resources around him bearing I mind that resources are minimal and scarce. I will create a room for more information, in order to use it as a tool of analysis in making critical decision measures for the minimal resources available. (Transformational leadership, Resourceful)

My natural characteristic of being strategic is geared towards prosperity because of the motivation from my subjects. I will plan and organize for feasible projects, create of new ideas and formulate of new policies. (Situational leadership, Innovative)

Cross-checking of projects and events is effective my capacity as a leader who is geared for success; my sensationalism as a leader will often help to evaluate and amend tangible changes in order to ensure sustainability of the projects. (Social intelligence, Evaluative leadership)

I will look forward to appreciate the nature of diversity, I will always find out the need to delegate tasks depending on the possible person’s interests and talents. (Servant leadership, Delegator).References

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