My long-term career goals

My long-term career goals

When I retire from my professional career, I would like to be remembered as somebody who made a positive contribution in the lives of people I interacted with and in organizations I worked for. I understand that this calls for hard work and sacrifice, and I am ready to put in the required effort. I plan to approach all my duties positively and with the aspiration to “make a difference”.

I have registered for a Master’s degree majoring in strategic management under business management. Upon completion, my immediate objective will be to find employment in an organization, I can gain practical experience. I want to be exposed to a wide range of business areas. During this stage of my career, I intend to create a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise. Though, I want to get specialized knowledge in management, I still want to remain flexible. Attaining my short-term goals will allow me to prepare for my long-term career goals.

My medium-term goal is to get a secure but a challenging job in a blue chip company. At this moment, I expect to understand more about the specifics of my career path I intend to pursue. Hopefully, the achievement of my short-term goal will equip me with remarkable combination of knowledge, competency and experience to forge ahead.

My long-term goal is to reach the peak of the corporate ladder. Certainly, it would be good to achieve this by climbing the ladder straight up. However, I know that I will need to climb ladder by ladder to reach at the top. Preferably, I would wish to retire from my careers as a Chief Executive Officer of a top tier company. I would be satisfied from knowing that I positively impacted those whom I worked with.

If indeed, I accomplish all my goals, I would be financial stable in my retirement and live a comfortable life. I will use my free time doing charity work.