My Memory





My Memory

My memory of the visit to Hollywood is semantic. The picture that involves the experience I quite remember very well is my visit to Hollywood with my sister. I remember how we planned our trip for almost six months, trying to ensure that we put in place every bit of it to ensure everything went as planned. We planned a trip to Hollywood, where we had one of the best experiences by visiting different parts of Hollywood. I recall that both of us were looking forward to visiting the Walk of Fame and seeing the ‘Hollywood Sign. I can recall that we were all aware that any visit to Hollywood required one to make specific visits and take certain pictures for their memory. It is no secret that many people believe one cannot experience a Hollywood visit without making the Walk of Fame, and we made it a priority during the visit. I remember that once we were there, we took several pictures of celebrity names embedded in the ‘Walk of Fame.’ I can relive the experience of seeing the Walk of Fame and how I felt close to the numerous celebrities. We took significant time on the Walk of Fame trying to sport the names of some of our celebrity idols, and it was the apex of our visit. I remember we visited a movie theatre and were amazed at how big it was. The movie studio visit allowed us to see a movie set, which was my first experience.

My recollection of the visit is significantly influenced by the media reports of Hollywood and the general perception that people have about it. However, I knew Hollywood was the bedrock of movie production and celebrity living in the world, and visiting ensured that I created a physical connection with the place. The fact that we came across some stars during our visit helped enhance my memory of what transpired during the tour.

My Sister’s Memory

My sister remembers the moment we decided that we were going to visit Hollywood. He recalls that at first, my mum was skeptical about the trip and was against such plans. She had refused to help us finance the journey and even forbade us from borrowing her car for the trip. After several days of persuading her, she finally allowed us to visit, a condition that my elder sister would take responsibility for the entire trip and ensure I was safe. She also recalls that during our journey to Hollywood, our vehicle broke down, and we had to call mum so that she could help us pay for the repairs. During our time in Hollywood, my sister remembers that we had our camera, and we took many pictures to help us preserve our experiences and be proof of our tour. Her narration also includes the unfortunate event when we lost one of our cameras after forgetting it in one of the restaurants we visited for lunch and getting a call from the owners to pick it up. She recounts how many people were present at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with many trying to capture the moment on their cameras.

Analyzing the Discrepancies

My sister remembers the incident before the trip, whereas I recall it, which is the biggest distinction between our memories. My sister seemed detailed in her memory as she could remember small details of our tour; my account of it was very shallow and less detailed. For instance, while I only seem to recall that we were permitted to visit Hollywood, she remembers convincing our mother to let us go. She recalls that our automobile broke down on the highway as we drove to our destination; however, I recognized that we had arrived in Hollywood. The difference between our accounts of the tour stems from a variety of factors, including the fact that I might have been less conscious of making the entire trip. My memory of the incident was distorted because I concentrated more on the trip than on the activities I had taken before it. I was looking forward to the memories I would make during my visit to Hollywood, and in the process, my mind did not capture what was happening around me before and as we drove (Bornstein & Pickard, 2020). The planning and preparation for the trip had less appeal for me than the experiences and sights of Hollywood did. I lost several details because they weren’t as a priority to me as my sister (Bornstein & Pickard, 909). For me, the trip’s focus was on Hollywood itself, and anything happening as we traveled was secondary hence did not warrant my attention. The fact that I am also not an enthusiast for long trips would have played a role in me forgetting some of the happenings of the day. Our route to Hollywood was an eight-hour drive, and we took turns driving that day. When I was not driving, I was either watching a movie on my laptop or listening to music, hence why I would not remember most things about the trip.


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