My Personal Qualities

My Personal Qualities

Right from childhood, I have had a fond regard for certain personal qualities, accomplishments, contributions and talents that I can conclusively say have contributed to making me the person I am today. Born of a humble background, 25 years old now, and a student of English and Literature, I have come to understand the value of simplicity in life. I know for certain that my own life is the most precious gift I can ever have and based on this understanding I have been able to use my life to give moral support to the disadvantaged groups in the society. I strongly understand that every human being deserves a right to be happy and I consider it my personal initiative to guarantee this to every person.

I am a strong believer of social justice and I know for certain that every human being should be considered equal. I do not hesitate to do all that I can to ensure that justice prevails in the society particularly for the weak. The desperate and the destitute members of the society are held close to my heart of hearts and I believe they also have reasons to live. Since I was a child, I have always felt pain when I see others suffer. I have realized that I cannot be happy when others are sad and I have believed that the only way to be happy is making other happy.

Humility is the driving force towards my good relationship with people, my teachers, friends and family members. However, I am also very assertive especially when my conscience propels me to doing what I fundamentally believe is right. I have no reservation for the course of justice and truth. And am always willing to go an extra mile in ensuring that what my conscience considers right is done. I have no apologies at all for doing the right thing. This has sometimes seen a few friends break up with me. However, I lack ability to hold grudges; there is no hate in my heart. Even as they run away from me, I continue treating them with humility and love. With time, they come to realize that after all, I meant no harm. This has made many close friends cling to me amid many challenges.

In the field of business, I am very entrepreneurial, inventive and innovative. I have contributed significantly to the growth of my mother’s small shop in town. With the ideas that I constantly give her, she has been able to expand the shop and today it is her main source of livelihood. I particularly imparted into her the idea of taking risks, however I warned her not to take very huge risks are the consequences might sometimes be too great to contemplate. Modesty and humility are some of the key attributes that mother has learnt from me. She uses these virtues to relate well to her customers who are mostly low and medium income earners. She constantly tells me that she did not believe she could learn from her son. After all she was supposed to be my role model and I was to learn from her.

I have a wide experience in writing. I write articles and poems. Sometimes when I have nothing else to do, I find myself with a pen and a piece of paper. At one point I wrote what went down as a masterpiece article on justice and truth. Then, I was still very young and everybody wondered where I got the ability and the knowledge to write such an impeccable piece. It also goes without saying that I love reading a lot. I read biographies, novels, articles on the social world, psychology, philosophy, religion – comparative religion, Hindu, Islam, Christianity. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I always want to know more.

My contributions to the social well being of the society are very immense. Through the articles I have been able to write, people have been enlightened on the importance of justice and truth. I have particularly played a very fundamental role in ensuring that I inform my readers on the value of truth and justice. I have had reservations for dirty, racial and ethnic politics. I believe the most fundamental thing in politics is to judge individuals not on the basis of the depth of their pockets, not on the basis of their ethnicity or race. The leaders ought to be judged by the content of their character and on the basis of the keenness of their minds. I have also been actively involved in several community development forums. I have given talks to the students in disabled schools, I have encouraged them to be useful members of the society and this has worked positively. I particularly believe in making others happy and this has guaranteed my own individual happiness and social well being.

Though still a student, I consider myself to have had a wealth of learning experience considering the many books and articles I have read. These have fundamentally shaped my character and personality. The experience I have accumulated over the years has made me to know well that the freedom of individuals should be given a very huge consideration. I am sometimes angered by the numerous prescriptions that the government and society has placed on individuals. I believe that every individual should be allowed to do what he/she wants without any restrictions so long as he/she is in his right frame of mind and his actions are not causing any harm to other individuals. This is what right to individual liberty should entail. My experience in helping the desperate and destitute members of the society has been an immense source of pride, satisfaction and fulfillment. Whenever I sit and see how many souls I have uplifted, I can’t help but expose a wide smile.

I take significant pride in these qualities because they are what define the person I am. I believe I live for some thing and when I die, I need to die having done something or better still die for something. I live because other individuals do. If it were not for them, I would not be the person I am, the more reason I do what I do.