My research question is how effective is the medication

My research question is how effective is the medication Rituxan compared to Mycophenolate Mofetil regarding relapse with NMO patient’s.

Now that you have refined a good research question and reviewed the scientific literature on your topic, it is time to design your research. This section of the paper will require you to integrate your knowledge of what we have learned in class to design your research. The paper should include the following elements: 

Identify the unit of analysis. (1-2 sentences)

Identify the main variables, operational definition, level of measurements, and address threats to construct validity (1-1.5 pages):

Your dependent variable,

At least one independent variable, possibly more if appropriate.

Describe two potential research designs to answer your question. For each research design, you will need to: (3-4 pages)

Describe the different groups that will be part of the design, including how participants or units will be assigned

Describe how and when data will be collected

Describe how the independent variable will be introduced or measured

Describe how your research design is taking care of at least three potential threats to internal validity.

Define the threat (in your own words)

Identify the feature of the design that allows you to rule out the threat

Describe at least one potential threat to internal validity that might still influence your research and how it may affect your results

Describe how your research design addresses external validity

Include a figure that describes your specific research design and the different groups

Add the figure at the end of the paper (does not count towards the page limit) with a proper title and reference in the text (e.g. see Figure 1).

Identify the research design that you will think will be the best design. You must provide reasons based on your discussion of threats to internal validity and external validity. In addition, your decision must take into account the ethical concerns associated with the research design (1-2 pages)

Describe specifically how you will protect the identity of your participants

Describe how you will obtain consent for participation and whether deception will be necessary

Describe at least one other potential ethical concern with your chosen research design and how you will address it.


Your paper should also include a revised version of the literature review, along with a list of changes you have made to improve each of the criteria.

The total length of the paper should be 10 to 13 pages, excluding the figure(s), references, and list of changes. Same formatting as the previous paper: 12pt, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins. 


Revision to the literature review (15%)

You should have properly addressed every criterion where you did not get full marks.

Your efforts for each section should be relative to how bad you have done in each section.

Proper identification of the unit of analysis (5%)

Variables, operationalization, and construct validity (15%)

Research designs (15% each)

Rationale for research design decision and ethical considerations (10%)

Quality of writing and effort (15%)

Draft and peer-review (10%)