My strengths and weaknesses




My strengths and weaknesses


From childhood up to adulthood, an individual develops attributes and qualities which enable him or her to cope with life. This may be either positive or negative depending on the upbringing and the environment where one is brought up in. These qualities and attributes enable an individual to face life in all dimensions. I have been brought up in a humble background where my parents are middle income earners. They have always provided for my every need and I have attended the best schools in the state. However, they have always taught me how to be independent and stand on my own. Hence, this has enabled me to determine my areas of strength and weakness as discussed below.My Strengths


As the saying goes, ‘hard work pays’. Since my childhood, I have always worked hard to ensure that my grades are the best. This has enabled me to be admitted to the best schools and pursue a career of my choice. My dream was to become a lawyer which I am almost achieving. I take all the challenges and opportunities which come my way with both hand as they provide me with a platform to learn something new.

I also participate in various competitions and conferences to ensure that I gain more knowledge and skills in all areas of life. This gives me exposure to a number of challenges which encourage me to work harder. I also help my parents to manage our family business and this has given me firsthand experience on how to be dependent. I do not easily when faced with challenges but I take it as an opportunity to learn.


I am always patient on people and things. This is because not everything is automatic and things do not always work as planned. The world dynamics change day by day due to various innovations in the world of technology. I am patient on how to learn how new things work especially computers and software. I mostly use them in the course of learning therefore I try as much as possible to dedicate more to time to ensure I cope with the challenge more efficiently and effectively. As the saying goes, ‘patience pays’.

Sunshine Girl

My smile and code of conduct has always enabled be to win hearts and favors of many in my life. A beautiful smile gives me strength and courage to face challenges. Believing in myself has always given me the morale to try something new and face new challenges with confidence.

I also love to take advantage of new opportunities which come my way apart from being in school for my training. This includes participating in trainings and competitions. This gives me chances to learn, interact and exchange ideas with other students and mentors in the world. Self drive and confidence have enabled me to achieve my goals.

My Weakness


To new people and environment am totally shy. This is an inborn character but I try as much as possible to remain confident and face it all. My friends and lecturers have always encouraged me be confident to face new challenges and opportunities with more courage in order to achieve success in all areas of life apart from my career.

In social places, I fear the comments of my friends on my performance. However, I am working on it to ensure it does not hinder me to achieve my goals as a good entrepreneurial leader must be confident in all occasions to deliver the best out of him or her.


According to the feedback given by my interviewees, I get along well with my friends and family. This is because I dedicate ample time to interact with them and learn more from them. Hence, I create strong bonds and relationship to ensure that they understand me in all areas.

During my free time, I love swimming on hot afternoons with my friends and hiking. This enables me to relax and interact with my friends. I also love watching comedies and cartoons with my younger siblings so that they can learn and spend more time with me mostly during my vacations.

I am hard working especially in my studies to ensure that I get the best grades in all subjects. This has enabled me to pursue a career of my choice. My parents always advise me to make my passion my profession as I will never regret in future. They have always given me the best advice on how to make the best choices in life.

Am also patient on people and things as things do not always go as planned. In this 21st century, the world is changing faster and one has to take time to learn how the new technology works. Systems of learning have greatly changed hence one must be patient and take time to learn how to handle these things appropriately.

I am confident and lively and it takes minimal time to impress people in all areas. A beautiful smile makes me approachable and friendly to people of all ages. Hence, I take new challenges and hardships as a learning opportunity to learn more from people and experiences.

However, am shy when it comes to meeting people in social gatherings. This mostly affects me when meeting new people in social places. This is an inborn character but I try my best to be courageous and confident. This has always been a challenge to me but I am working on it with the help of my friends.

I take other peoples’ opinion about my life positively as they help me to improve my social life. This includes both positive and negative opinions. I also embrace humility and simplicity when it comes to getting opinion from other people about me. This helps me to learn the areas where I need to improve in order to improve my social. I also love pets especially dogs as they make me happy. Taking care of little puppies gives me joy and strength as they always put a big smile on my face every morning. This also makes me responsible as I have to take care of them daily.

My questions

How do I get along with my family and friends?

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What are my three greatest strengths?

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Which things amaze you about me?

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