My topic is Nutrition and Diet for College Students in the United States.

My topic is Nutrition and Diet for College Students in the United States. The aim of the research will be to investigate nutrition among college students. This may include learning what meals most of them take, do they cook, buy take outs, eat in school cafeteria as well other sources of how they get their food. This information will be vital in examining the nutritional values of college students, how health they are and a look at occurrence of common nutritional problems such as obesity

My population for my research is college students

Sample population will be probability sample because the participants will be randomly selected to participate in the research

For compensation, the college students who participate in the survey will receive monetary compensation of $10. Compensating of participants is important because they take their time to participate in your research. However, this may also attract people who are not students.

In conducting this research, we will be looking for students in colleges. Being a statistic that may require me to travel, I will use SurveyMonkey instead in conducting my survey. The survey will let the student know why the research is being conducted with an option of “I consent” and “I do not consent”. Those who consent can continue to fill in the survey.

Strengths of my sampling method is that the data is much more reliable, and absence of sampling bias. With probability sampling there is increased accuracy of sampling error estimation and one can also make inferences on the picked population. The disadvantage is it is time consuming and expensive when compared to non-probability sampling.

Bias: Non-students participating in the survey: With survey specifically designed for college students the survey may not get access to all college students.

Use of Survey Monkey may not include students who may not have access to online resources at the time