Myself and University Mission





Myself and university mission

Before explaining about my contribution to the mission, may I state here that the mission of this university was great factor contributing to my choice of this university for my academic pursuit. It completely rhymes with my mission in life, which is to serve humanity, and serve with diligence and sacrifice.

I am a humble person brought out in an environment of Christian values and beliefs. I believe the best approach to life is an approach that is guided by a purpose for living. The foundation of religion in my life has enabled me to look at life from, not only my perspective as an individual, but also the perspective of other people. I believe that in this life, one cannot live alone, that we need other people to supplement our lives. In lieu of this, we must serve other people and live with an attitude of gratitude. Going by the mission of the university, my goal in life identifies with gaining skills, values, knowledge and experience, that will enable me to add value to the lives of other people. Also in line to the mission, promotion of justice in the entire world and our surroundings is a vital part that we should play in our lives. The religious teachings and skills that have been imparted in me all along identify with this part of the mission. I believe that for one to be able to promote and stand for justice, they must be having a driving force that enables them to stand firm in their quest to seeing justice prevail. In consideration of this, I have the foundational basis of a religion that teaches fairness, and the university is also dedicated to teach fairness and justice. My purpose, therefore, is that when I come out of this university, and even as a student, I will be an advocate of its mission, and a promoter of human service and justice.