Mythic Tragedy, Hydra was a beautiful island and then the plague came

Mythic Tragedy

Hydra was a beautiful island…and then the plague came. The farmers of Hydra took great pride in their crops and livestock. Their beasts of burden were admired throughout the land because of the highest quality of health they possessed. So naturally, it came as a shock when the first oxen were discovered dead lying in the plains. Suspicions arose as to the cause of their sudden deaths. Many physicians analyzed the dead carcasses, but found no abnormalities in the slain animals.

Then little by little, more farmers began to lose their cattle to the same irrational disease. It was thought that by quarantining the animals from the general population, the growth infection could be controlled, seeing as how the farmer’s centurion population had been not noticeably been infected. But those who had been assigned as caretakers of the remaining flocks, which had dwindled to a handful, began to exhibit certain behavioral changes.

Their tempers were quickly ignited, and they were prone to violent bouts. But with the continuing intermingling of the caretakers amongst the general population, the entire centurion fellowship began to erode. Fights were started, family structure began to break down, yet the cause of such sporadic violence and societal degradation was still indecisive. Many who had seen the effects of the contamination fled the so-called safety of the clan of centurions, only to be hunted down by the psychologically changed centurions. One was fortunate enough to make it to the sure after capture and severe torture…beaten almost to the point of death he struggled toward the coast, freeing a boat from the docks used for various trades in agriculture.

In an effort to escape the wanton bloodshed and demoralized culture now becoming rampant in his once beloved home land the lost centurion wrecked his boat on the shores of Anelis. Stumbling upon the rocky cliffs, the waves pummeling his weakened body, he hears the sounds of life…ever so faintly. As the battered escapee dragged himself along through the dense forest, toward the strange noises he hears, he fears for his own life. These new trees, this surrounding, it was all very disconcerting. He grew fearful for his own life. What creatures inhabited this strange island? Of what mind set were the creatures? Were they a race of tranquil and gentle beings? Or were they savages, incapable of feelings of mercy and kindness?

Where they prone to the same ravaged warfare that had ransacked the home he was now fleeing? The sudden rush of anxiety flooded the bruised explorers mind as he pressed on in his sojourn toward the signs of habitation. Finally the creature finally decided to rest, for it was beginning to get dark, and the two moons where completely shielded by clouds. The gods must have frowned upon him. He thought best to continue the search by land in the day, when he would have the security of the light to shine upon his misguided footsteps in this new world. The first sign of light beamed through and opening in the canopy of trees and awakened the traveler. He quickly scrambled to his feet and continued his odyssey. Then suddenly the forest seemed to open and strange structures appeared…they were tall, extremely elegant, and seemingly impenetrable.

There were figures moving around in the village doing what seemed to be everyday chores. The tired journeyer stumbled toward the outwardly peaceable beings that stood upon two legs and wore garments of fur. Upon seeing this burdened soul who was obviously stricken with many blows, a female of the village felt pity and as the custom of their people she aided the creature to her dwelling. There she dressed his wounds and nursed him back to health. In the comfort of the courtesy extended to him the centurion finally rested. No questions where asked of his condition or how he had come to the island of Hydros from his far away home until he had fully recuperated from his injuries. He regaled a group of these oversized-bipeds with the heroic tale of his escape from his home. He had been welcomed into the fold of these new creatures with hospitality and concern.

Now stories of his tale had reached far and wide, to the far north of the island and as far south as the south shore. Even to the ears of Obelix, the mightiest of the giants. Stories of the giants valiance was known to every man woman and child. Stories of how he had slain the evil five-headed serpent, and of how he made a border of rock to barricade the city from pending doom when Mount Olvius had erupted were as common as bed time stories to children. He had become a legend before he was even 345 years old…which was relatively young. Obelix traveled from his home to the central part of the island to here of the tale himself. Upon hearing of the sudden change in the attitudes of a calm nation of people Obelix became outraged, for he knew of the cause. It was very well known to him that this was no rare disease or contamination. To Obelix the cause was plain and simple.

There was only one being capable of such atrocities. Bronte. Obelix turned to leave but vowed to end the cause of such a violent and evil plot. He girded his loins with a sword and his back with a quiver and took his bow in hand and set out to locate this island. The centurion asked to travel along seeing as his home was becoming only a memory to him. Hesitantly he allowed the traveler to return home with him. He proved useful in mapping out the land for Obelix. After reaching the island of Hydros, Obelix asked the centurion to remain at bay with the boat and he consented.

Knowing of Brunte’s powers he knew he had to be near by, and the fact that he was coming unaware had given him an advantage over his opponent. See Obelix was also a skilled hunter veered by many. In searching the land he found a certain cave, but the cave wasn’t normal. It seemed to have not been a cave made by nature, and it wasn’t. This cave had been created as an observatory, and Obelix knew by whom. He also knew that at this point Brunte was aware of his presence. Obelix pulled his sword from its sheath and carefully entered the cave. All at once a force beyond his knocked him to into a wall almost knocking his sword from his grip. “Good to see you too brother!” Obelix said as he lunged at the identical figure, and a fierce battle erupted between the two giants. Swords clashed, blows were exchanged and all at once the ground shook. “Why won’t you let these mortals be?” Obelix grit his teeth after landing a blow to his evil counterpart. “Why do u care?” grunted Brunte after swing his sword “They’re nothing to us.

We have the power to control there thoughts, why should I deny myself the pleasure of a game or two!!!” In fast lunge Brunte fashioned himself on the end of a pointed blade, dashing thru his stomach. “Because I won’t let you. We are not the beast we used to be. I am not going to allow your craving for death harm the beings of this frail planet. You will not win!” The sword then found its way thru the chest of Brunte releasing his mental hold over all the evil he had controlled. Returning to the boat, he boarded with someone a solemn attitude for he had killed his own brother. Upon reaching the shore he looked back once more to bid his fallen sibling farewell.

His new companion looked at his wounds but his scars seemed to be not as external as Obelix let off. Something still felt weird to him. He had a chill as if something was different with Obelix, the sorrow of killing changed him, but all he did was kill an evil entity. So what was wrong? The sail back was long and tiring. Not much talking occurred and conversation was kept to a minimum. Obelix had been in a world of pain his arm had several gashes…and his torso contained many stab wounds. Obelix waited patiently to return home to eat the fruit of the Jifi tree. Its healing abilities where remarkable, although it left a smell that forbade contact for at least 3 days. The centurion reflected on all that Obelix had trained him in along the journey there. The mind protection techniques, the various telekinesis abilities along with many battle skills where learned. He doubted that he would ever need to use them but the telekinesis had come in handy with the steering of the craft.

It was mentally tiring. When land was within sight he awakened Obelix. The shore was lined with many villagers. There hands were filled with many gifts, foods of all sorts and wine. The centurion docked the boat, and went through the procedures that were customary to make sure the boat wouldn’t drift away. The crowd welcomed him home with opened arms but the tired warriors dragged his bow and quiver behind him and continued walking toward the mountain top, where he lived. He ached inconsolably. Obelix’s aids came to assist him but he turned them away. The confused men and women servant left his living quarters wondering about the change in his attitude. Meanwhile back in the cave the body of a fallen warrior stirred, slowing climbing the ruins of a destroyed lair.

Struggling to make it out of the cave and back to the shore line of Hydros…and back to his home, of Anelis. His brother had been slick in taking his identity, and leaving him there to perish, but foolish enough to leave him alive. Brunte made the same error that Obelix had…and that was to show mercy. The humane feelings of kindness had become unneeded in battle, but they were brothers after all, identical since birth. So naturally the switch would be easy, and with the abilities to read minds all that was needed was a quick scan of his mind and all knowledge would be transferred easily and with no problems he should be able to memorize it. Obelix knew this fact very well. He also knew that he had to make it back home and expose the wicked scoundrel. He staggered along the forest grasping trees for support. From the ravaged townships of the fallen centurions he gathered supplies…for he knew in his weakened condition he would be no match for his brother.

Brunte had no doubt begun healing himself from the fruitage. Cursed thief!!! Back on Anelis, Brunte disguised as Obelix, maintained a certain distance from the people…studying them learning of there traditions and behaviors. In a sharp pain as if someone stabbed him Brunte sat up…he quickly realized his predicament. His brother would come back if he didn’t die, and…HE DIDN’T!!! He could sense his brothers’ life energy as if he were in the very next room. How could this have happen? He dealt him a mortal wound that left him unconscious and bleeding. Brunte at once began preparing himself for he knew that if the gods would allow his return he would certainly battle him again…and he was in no where near ready to fight.

The centurion had noticed certain things about Obelix that weren’t normal though. He didn’t seem as open as he had at one time. More often than not he preferred the company of solitude. Back on the island of Hydros some of the older centurions who had survived the dark days had taken care of Obelix teaching him various techniques. Many skills, different abilities anything he could pick up. One particular gift he learned was the ability to conceal himself mentally…which went hand in hand with his dematerializing techniques. When he was strong enough Obelix left the island on boat…he had devised a plan in which to fool his brother. Along the journey back he had run into the rocks. Brunte which had been in deep meditation in order to prepare and keep an eye on his brother had been watching this…sensing his brothers despair and evident demise he relaxed.

Rejoicing in the fact that his opposing brother Obelix could no longer oppose his reign of evil, he allowed his meditation to calm down. Then suddenly he felt another sharp burst of pain but this time it was physical. To his sudden shock it was his deceased brother. But how? He felt his presence leave…he felt him die. “Don’t worry my ill fated brother…your end will not be in this manner.” Obelix looked upon his deceitful other with utter hatred. After seeing first hand the lost of life on the island of Hydros, he no longer felt the pity he had at their previous encounter. “Touch my hand and we will leave this place, we will go to a place of seclusion where we can finish this fight of ours away from the people here.” Brunte searched his brothers mind and heart and found no deception…no secrets. “Fine…brother…let us leave these mortals and battle as gods were meant too!” Upon touching Obelix hand Brunte felt his physical being depart…but his mental consciousness remained intact.

When his body completed its reconstruction he stood and released his sword from its container. Obelix unhooked his quiver and threw it to the wayside along with his bow. His sacred sword was released from a shield that he placed down. “Fare thee well, my blood brother!!” In an effort to commence the battle Brunte lunged at his brother with all his might barely missing his opponents’ ear, and ducking so as to avoid the counter swing delivered by Obelix. Obelix ran and jumped off a tree trump over his stunned enemy and swung downwards but Brunte had already moved and slashed at his brother.

“You have improved but your abilities are still limited…Obelix!!!” Brunte grunted this words as Obelix sword grazed his shoulder cutting his garments. Out of anger Brunte swung his blade as hard as he could at Obelix missing his neck but freeing his sword from his hand, and at the same time shattering his own. Brunte then dove at Obelix and the battle continued thus forth without blades…a series of blows landed on Obelix as he kicked Brunte toward a rock embedded in the ground knocking him through a hollow in the ground. Obelix jumped underground and followed his assailant into this cave and a super fast exchange of hits and kicks were shown out with great dexterity but then the rage of the fallen centurion triggered a transformation and a set of wings sprouted from Obelix’s back and he grew in speed and strength.

Simultaneously Brunte’s jealousy and anger in his brothers’ goodness triggered a similar transformation. The two took flight and the cave began to quake with the new fighting commenced among gods…one of evil and one of good. After continuous blows it became very clear that Obelix power far surpassed and in a last effort Brunte tried to kill his brother by surprise…but failed. In turn Obelix grabbed Brunte by the throat holding him over a bottomless pit in the cave and finding his sword vowed to end his tyranny. “Brother no please DON’T!!!!” His pleads fell on death ears and the mighty lunged the sword through his brothers heart, “YOUR BLOODSHED ENDS THIS VERY NIGHT!!!!!!!!”