Week 9 Final Assignment – Personal Plan for Success

The support resources I have available to me are my friends and family, who call and check on my how I am doing. I also have many resources here at the university that will be very useful to me, if any issues should arise. For example, I can use Phoenix Connect to ask other classmates or alumni for assistance. I can also use the Life Resource Center to seek any help needed. I am getting use to college now, and am enjoying this challenge. My new daily routine was created mostly from what I have learned these last nine weeks.

If I ever feel like I cannot do this any longer, I will only have to think of my uncle and Raquel to make sure I keep myself motivated. Self-talk also seems to help when I feel like I starting to slip. I will also use the resources I mentioned in the last paragraph, if my mentality starts to fade beyond my control. I will also continue to use my new time management techniques to get projects done on time, and always remember, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

I will continue to make sure am always professional, be competent, and continue to use my good morals in the workplace, which are important qualities to have. My work ethics are strong, and even though, I do prefer to do things on my own, I am good team player. I will always be looking for better ways of working more effectively, and will always treat everyone the way I would want to be treated.

For time management, I now use a daily planner and have goals and plans marked with reminders for the rest of the year. I have learned to control stress much better. The best technique I use to control the stress is deep breathing and thinking of a happy place. I have also set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and have time frame to accomplish my short, long and personal goals. I will continue to use the tutorials and guides available in the CWE to improve my writing skills, which are getting better each week thanks to the discussion questions and assignments.

In conclusion, I will do whatever it takes to achieve my major goal of obtaining my degree here at the University of Phoenix. I will make this happen by continuing to use my time and stress management skills to assist in keeping my head in the game. I will avoid all obstacles when possible, and keep my determination and motivation at the level I am currently. Now that I am using a daily planner, life has been more manageable time wise and less stressful. I am enjoying my new healthy lifestyle, and looking forward to completing my current challenge of finishing school and putting myself back in good health again.