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I am a former U.S. army combat soldier, having been involved in combat roles in military intelligence in Afghanistan. However, I am currently an undergraduate at Chapman University pursuing my degree in psychology with an institutional GPA of 3.463. I am at present in my final classes, and I expect to graduate this coming June 2012. I anticipate enrolling in your Masters program in social work, despite the fact that my degree is in psychology. I took up degree studies in psychology major due to my experience in combat roles in military intelligence in my deployment in Afghanistan in 2004. At the time, I needed to study and understand how events affect the human brain, and behavior.

I believe that the Masters program in social work at California State University East Bay will prepare me for service to a wide-ranging spectrum of persons: family problems, social problems, physical disabilities, or mental disabilities through rehabilitation therapy and helping individuals develop the requisite skills for dealing effectively with their individual problems.

In my pursuit for an opportunity in the Masters program in social work, I look forward to work with vulnerable populations. This would be in diverse ways that would empower, and enable them to partake in the social work change processes. I believe that the Masters program in social work at California State University East Bay, would prepare me as an agent for change, and enable me to work successfully in an increasingly multifaceted, racially, and culturally diverse society.  I believe that through this program, I would be able to learn, understand as well as respond to forms of repression. These are factors that generate and maintain impediments to participation and well-being in society.

I also believe that, this program would enable me to become a valuable researcher in the field of social work. Consequently, I would be a selfless and highly dedicated social work practitioner. I desire to work with the mentally ailing populations, as a social worker, as I help them in develop the requisite knowhow and skills that would assist them in dealing with the unique social difficulties that are brought about by their illness. Following my service in the conflict, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), together with traumatic brain injury, and later on diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Therefore, I resolved that the best way to add value into my being and help others was to learn psychology and how events affect the brain, and behavior.

Prior to my deployment to Afghanistan, I spent ten years working with the city and county of San Francisco as a transit operator (cable car grip man/ conductor). One of my strengths is depicted in caring for others, since I volunteer to assist people regardless if whether I know them or not. I believe that people should take care of, and help each other. Another strength I possess is perseverance, whereby, in line with my military training, that no matter how complex a task would be, I do not surrender until it is completed. My intent is to offer my services in a Veterans Administration hospice, or clinic. The rationale for choosing the Masters program in social work at California State University East Bay is that, as a social worker, I desire to help other veterans, as well as their families. I look forward to having one on one relation with the people that I am serving. I believe that, I am a prospective valuable asset to the VA health care as a social worker rather than pursuing Masters Degree in a psychology program.

My desire to pursue the Masters program in social work at California State University East Bay is motivated by the fact that, in contemporary times, the frequency of PTSD has escalated, with the majority of new cases identified in veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. PTSD is usually epitomized by flashbacks in the structure of nightmares, hyper-vigilance conditions or feelings of emotional deadness to the real world. This rapid increase in PTSD is related to the nature of these conflicts. Cases of depression amongst Afghanistan and Iraq veterans have risen by 6% to 7% in every quarter, according to VA statistics, with approximately 9,000 fresh cases each three months. It is in this perspective that I desire to continue serving my country as a social worker addressing the issues that face the veterans today.

Some of my accomplishments as a combat veteran diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, as well as PTSD, and multiple sclerosis, is that I interact effectively with strangers. Another achievement is that I am competent in writing good papers in my classes. In addition, I have been severally requested by one of my psychology professors to speak in his psychology classes at diverse colleges concerning my posttraumatic stress disorder, and how it disabled me, and how I am fighting it.

Although I lack ample work experience in the social worker field, I successfully did volunteer work at an outpatient VA clinic in Martinez. I believe that, California State University East Bay is the most appropriate university, in regard to the Masters program in social work. This is because; the university admits persons with robust interest in attaining a MSW, with a focus on family life, or mental health across the lifespan. Since the MSW program receives individuals with varied life experiences, as well as those with disabilities, persons with lived experience as family members or patrons of mental health services, and other groupings that may not be well represented in the social work career, I believe that I am fit for the program.

I believe that, my greatest gift as a person, that I ought to contribute to the Masters program in social work at California State University East Bay, and later my country in general, is a compassionate heart. Besides being a compassionate and caring veteran, I am also exceptionally patient, particularly well motivated, and a very enthusiastic learner. I discern that the Masters program will be incredibly challenging, and consequently, in the event that I am admitted into the program at California State University East Bay, I would engage all my faculties in order as to focus permanently on my learning. My family and acquaintances are exceedingly supportive of my pursuit for the Masters program, especially since it will grant me with the prospect to go on serving my country.

The terrible and extreme nature of conflict touches something fundamental in relation to being human. For the survivors, the defeated, and the victors, the war stays alive in their memories, and hence the nightmares. These are the struggles that every war veteran fights every day of their lives. Consequently, this is precisely where I believe that, my training in the Masters program in social work at California State University East Bay will help me offer valuable input as a scholarly war veteran.