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Personality Assessment

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Personality Assessment

Question One

Identifying My Four-Letter Type

After taking the personality assessment founded on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), my results showed that my personality type is ENFJ meaning that I possess Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality characteristics. My results showed that I have an average preference for Extraversion over Introversion (53%), an average preference for Intuition over Sensing (31%), a moderate preference for Feeling over Thinking (50%), and a moderate liking for Judging over Perceiving (25%). My four-letter type showed that I possess a great deal of charm, which enables me to entice others into my nurturing tutelage and ambitious plans. Besides, having the ENFJ personality type means that I have a vast capacity to exert influence on other people because of my unique salesmanship and phenomenal interpersonal skills. In addition, my four-letter type shows that I am a global learner and see the big picture. Besides, my attention span is prolonged. Also, apart from having many entrepreneurial skills, I can juggle various duties or projects simultaneously.

Careers that Best Fit My Personality Type

According to the results from the MBTI test, the ENFJ personality type is highly valued in a variety of professional fields that require interpersonal skills due to its ability to build and sustain productive collaboration and conserve effective work processes. Besides, ENFJs have one of the universal personality characteristics; as a result, they can carve out successful careers in various fields and professions. Thus, some careers that best fit my ENFJ personality type are teaching, counseling, and sales management.

Personality Traits that Fit My ENFJ Personality Type

ENFJs are people with an extraverted personality type that thrives in social situations and enjoys being around other people; thus, these types of people rarely experience the feeling of loneliness. Personality traits best fit the ENFJ personality type: loyalty, outstanding, compassion, warmth, charisma, empathy, and supportive. This is because ENFJs are exceptional at boosting the morale of others and find immense personal fulfillment in being of service to others. Besides, they do not act in a self-serving manner; instead, they are more interested in dedicating their time to the needs of others than they are to their requirements. Also, ENFJs have a natural talent for uniting groups of entirely different individuals. Thus, they have the potential to be excellent leaders and inject an infectious sense of energy into whatever team they join. Besides, ENFJs tend to be too harsh on themselves, pointing the finger at themselves when things do not go as planned and failing to give themselves enough credit for their successes (Cherry, 2022).

Why the Results did NOT Surprise Me

I have always been excited to know my personality type. On several occasions, I have met people who constantly inquired about my personality type, and the worst thing is I never had any answer for them. Even though I was confident in how I dealt with different situations and interacted with others, I needed to be sure about my personality type. I was not surprised by my MBTI assessment results which showed that I have an ENFJ personality type. This is because when doing the MBTI assessment, I was very keen while handling the questions to ensure that I gave the correct responses depending on how I handled different situations. In addition, I was not surprised by the results since I always believe in my dreams and see myself as a helper and enabler aligned with the ENJFs characteristics from the MBTI assessment results. Besides, my habit of neglecting my own needs for the sake of other people’s needs matched the ENFJs characteristics discussed in the assessment results, and thus being classified as an ENFJ did not surprise me.

ENFJ Personality Type Fits with Being a Professional Counselor

Jobs in which one’s primary responsibility is to make others’ lives better rank high on the list of desirable employment opportunities for ENFJs. Therefore, my ENFJ personality type fits well with being a professional counselor. The extremely empathetic character of ENFJs makes them excellent professional counselors because of their desire to help others and their ability to put themselves in others’ shoes. Besides, ENFJs are naturally motivated to learn more about individuals around them and look for methods to assist them in bettering their lives. Therefore, a career in counseling provides a fulfilling outlet for those with a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others (Indeed Editorial Team, 2020). In addition, ENFJs fit with being professional counselors since they are loyal, responsible, and responsive to feedback, the main qualities counselors are expected to have.

Question Two

Comparison of the Results From The MBTI Assessment Results

After completing another Big Five Personality Test from, the results showed that my personality type is protagonist ENFJ-T. In both of the assessments, there were a lot of questions that needed to be approached with extreme care. Even though the questions on each of these tests were unique, their results indicated that my personality type is an ENFJ.

Identifying the Results from the Assessment

After completing the Big Five Personality test from the website, the results disclosed that my personality type is a protagonist (ENFJ-T), meaning that I have extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging personality traits. Being extraverted means, I take pleasure in group activities and place high importance on human connection. Besides, I have a propensity for showing my enthusiasm on the outside, and I do it openly. As an extrovert, I get vitality from interacting with others. In addition, as an intuitive person, I am more creative, receptive, and inquisitive and look for unconventional solutions and prize imagination above experience. Besides, I likely place a high value on nebulous meanings and outrageous speculations due to my innate intuitiveness. My feeling personality trait indicates that I prioritize expressing my feelings and sensitivities, emphasizing social harmony, empathy, and cooperation. My judging personality trait demonstrates that I am decisive as well as well organized. Because I place high importance on clarity, I t always choose preparation over being spontaneous. Lastly, being turbulent means, I am sensitive to stress, self-conscious, perfectionist, goal-oriented, and success-driven.

Why the Two Results did not Surprise Me

When I answered the questions, I did it honestly and picked my responses based on how I would respond to specific scenarios. Therefore, none of the two results surprised me. Aside from that, the results of the two distinct assessments were the same and did not surprise me because, while I was carrying out the two activities, I was aware that it was essential to approach each question with caution to ensure that I provided accurate responses. These results amused me because they were so precise since they were based on my self-perspective, making me feel like I should never question my personality.

What I Learned different from the First Assessment

The first assessment is where I learned about the Jung Career Indicator, which I was completely unaware of before doing it. I discovered that the Jung Career Indicator could reveal the professions and occupations in which people that have a personality type similar to mine are most likely to be successful, in which they are most likely to be represented, and in which they are most likely to find themselves feeling happy and pleased with their lives. Another new and exciting thing that I picked up from the first test was that people of the ENFJ personality type with various expressiveness scores might obtain a slightly diverse list of employment professions.

Benefits of Taking Both Assessments

The first benefit of taking the two assessments is that I was confident that my personality type is ENFJ by comparing the results. The second benefit of taking both reviews is that they not only helped me get a more profound comprehension of my preferences, what motivates me, and the areas in which I thrive, but they also guided me toward the kinds of professions in which I am most likely to be successful. Besides, the two assessments were helpful in that they illuminated my strengths and provided insight into the areas where I may use my skills most effectively.


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The results of your personality test are in. Here they are:

Personality type: Protagonist (ENFJ-T)

Traits: Extraverted – 88%, Intuitive – 66%, Feeling – 67%, Judging – 74%, Turbulent – 65%

Role: Diplomat

Strategy: Social Engagement