Photographs Describing the World Today


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Photographs Describing the World Today


In the present day, a lot evolved due to the transition in generations and technology and the pressure to keep up with trends in evolving world. Photographs are taken oftenly to symbolize various aspects of our lives and how we spend our day-to-day lives. However, some pictures are symbolic and intriguing since they are a mirror to what the whole world is experiencing, not to mention our regular habits that have formed part of our lives. Some photographers and artists have impeccably captured and written the memories down through their various artistic works, as indicated in the pictures in this descriptive essay.

1.Internet Is the New Norm

The picture above rolls out the society we are currently living in. A few people seem to enjoy life offline, while the rest are attracted to the online world. Well, let us blame this on the vast technology, available gadgets, and the nature of work. Nowadays, most corporates and companies heavily rely on the internet and technology items such as computers and mobile phones to get work done. If that is not the case, then we assume the organization is operating as incognito.

Social media is where we get to keep up with the latest gossip, fashion trends, and celebrities, which means that we would not miss a chance to be online. But lest we forget that the path less traveled is the right path and forget our connections formed offline are the most genuine bonds, it is time we moved back to the ‘old and boring’ offline modes of communication where we naturally bond and reconnect with each other.

2. Let the Rich Be Rich

The gap between the rich and the poor is vast and widens as days go by. Looking into the details of the image, the poor have very little or even no food to devour, the middle class has a share of the pie, while the rich have the largest share and are still getting more. Food is just a symbol of the worlds of the rich and poor in terms of wealth, taxes, income, and living standards, to mention a few aspects of living.

In a world where satisfaction and happiness are attached to monetary and material wealth, everyone is struggling to have something for themselves. Since the rich have more access to such, they continue to get more for themselves, stagnate in top positions in employment while the poor continue to serve as their servants. The rich enjoy low taxes while the poor are heavily taxed, yet they have very little to offer, and such is life. Corruption favors the rich, and they get away with it very quickly with the arm of the government protecting the rich’s social interest. We hope that the gap will get narrower, but for now, it remains a dream.

3. Health over Wealth, No Way!

Many companies and organizations would strive to make more profits than mind the consumer’s health. Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing their products fast move in the restaurants, chemists, or even grocery stores? Not me. That is the same case for many producers and suppliers. They are struggling to remain afloat in the market, and the only way is to please the consumers; however, there is more to what meets the eye. Plastic rice and noodles are some of the common examples and the ingredients used to make some of the foods and beverages. The surge of lifestyle diseases implies how many of these organizations do not care about people’s health.

Some pharmaceutical companies produce substandard drugs, especially fast-moving ones such as birth control pills such as the postinor-2, commonly known as the pill taken the morning after sex as an emergency pill. It is supposed to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. Sometimes the pharmaceutical drugs dispense a fake batch of drugs, which are detrimental to the general health of individuals, including the kidney, besides failing to achieve the said purpose.

The images summarize the world we are living in and resonate more with what is happening with the current generation and culture. Looking at the images, it was easy to interpret their meaning and understand whatever was going on. There are more symbolic images, and they speak a thousand words for society and the entire world.

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