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The performance of any piece of art is always interesting to watch and listen to because art is a central tenet in human beings’ lives. I attended a performance about reggae music. this music originated from Jamaica, and the artist who sang the song was Bob Marley. A band performed the music in a concert hall, and it was presented to a large audience listening and watching the song’s performance. The performers were very seasoned, and some of the things I enjoyed most were the dancing styles and the song’s message as it emphasized people are coming together and making unity. This is an essential tenet of all human interactions.


I enjoyed the dancing styles because I have always been interested in dancing, and I had joined a dance crew; however, I got held up and could not make it for practice, and therefore this kind of performance made me wish to dance. One of the instruments that made me love the performance was the bass guitar’s presence as it made the production and the quality of the performance very good. This, combined with the vocals, made the performance very apt. The band used different voices and combined them into the song; these were soprano, bass, and alto, which combined perfectly to bring the musical environment and experience to the people in the concert hall.

The music being reggae, one of the masterpieces in this field, had a great effect on the audience, and most people could be heard singing together in unison with the band; this was one of the most colorful things which made a great impact. The impact was not only to the audience but also to the band as it felt a great honor performing and people joining, a clear sign that the performance was good. It was also an honor to Bob Marley. Therefore the audience and the performers all were in unison, spreading and chanting the song’s message


The song’s rhythm was the most significant part of the music as everyone in the hall followed closely in the rhythm. This could be seen through the body movements and gestures every person had on their faces. Almost everyone enjoyed the music, and some people in the audience woke up and began dancing to the tune of the music. In contrast, others remained seated but had their legs and heads in a movement to show that the music was very good and enjoyed it.

Bob Marley produced the song in 1977, and this he produced when he was in England after the wailers’ disbanding. Bob Marley talks of the people who do evil and talks of what awaits them at the end of life. He also preaches unity among the people of all nations and groups through the song. The music video was produced in 1984, which was three years after the death of Bob Marley. The central message of the song was peace and love. Through the song, bob Marley wanted to counteract the issues facing Jamaica at the time of the elections, which were not peaceful. Therefore he believed that people could live in peace instead of going through the turmoil of the election crisis where there was no peace and no love.

At that time, Bob was one of the most popular people in Jamaica, and his music had a lot of great positive impact on the general population in calming the forces that were against each other and bringing them to peace. The performance changed my thoughts in different ways because I realized that music could make people like bob Marley in the days deployed music to bring people together and make peace.


This was one of my best performances attended, and it opened my eyes to look at art and especially music from a different angle. This is an angle where music is useful to everyone and used to unite people.

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