Part A

The three polymers from different chemical classes are:




Select a polymer of your choice and state its economic use.

Poly (vinyl chloride) – PVC – they are used in making pipes, flooring and siding.

Part B

The individual monomers used in the synthesis of the polymers

Polyethylene – ethylene

Polypropylene – propylene

Polystyrene – styrene

Polymers produced each year in the United States

In US plastic is the third largest manufacturing industry in each year its production increase as in year 2013 tons and tons of plastic were produced roughly 107.5 billion pounds of plastic and resins.

The primary uses of each polymer

Polyethylene is used in making plastic bags, film wraps, bottles, toys and electrical insulation.

Polypropylene is used in making kitchenware, fibers, carpet and appliances.

Polystyrene is used in making packaging (foamed), cabinets and toys.

Properties of the polymers that make it suited for its primary use.

Polyethylene comes in two different forms of low density is soft and waxy solid to make plastic bags and films wrap. Polyethylene of high density is rigid and translucent solid for making toys and bottles.

Polypropylene has two different grades of a tactic is soft, elastic solid used for making film wrap and plastic bags. While isotactic is hard, strong solid for making carpet and upholstery.

Polystyrene is hard, rigid clear solid soluble in organic solvents for making toys, cabinets and packaging

Properties of analogous polymers

Melting point behavior

Mixing behavior

Optical properties

Glass transition temperature.