Poor lighting in the apartment

1234 Oak Street, Apt. 123

Lafayette, LA 70504

December 05, 2021

Flex Felicitas

Property Manager

Shady Oaks Apartment

1234 Oak Street

Lafayette, LA 70504

Subject: Poor lighting in the apartment

Background information

I am Jackson peter, a tenant in the Oak Street apartment complex, Apt 123. Am writing to request the lighting problem to be addressed very soon possible for the better living of us, the tenants in this apartment.

Statement of the problem

Lighting has been a major challenge for quite a long time in our area of residence. Our rooms lack adequate natural lights, the walls are dark colored and therefore most of the light is absorbed by the dark surfaces.

There is only white light source that is used to illuminate our rooms which makes them seem to be cold and uncomfortable for inhabiting.

In several kitchens, overhead cabinets cast shadows on a countertop, which results in dark patches on the work surfaces of the kitchen. This hinters efficient working and makes it hard for food preparation due to absence of lighting on the working surfaces.

Most of the bathrooms and toilets are dark. This not only sense gloomy but also do not offer sufficient lighting for personal cleaning and dressing. The shadows and reflections from the mirrors in the bathrooms also cause the darkness.


It is essential to install an element of temperateness and create a relaxing atmosphere with a layered lighting scheme to address the issue of coldness. This can be achieved by introducing ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting in our rooms. The ambient lighting includes the combination of natural light and lighting fixtures like ceiling-mounted lights, tube lights, pendant lights, and recessed cove lighting. For mood lighting, dimmer switches should be installed to control the intensity of lights.

I recommended for the installation of under-cabinet lighting to create a well-illuminated countertop, which increases brightness and provides intensive lighting for food preparation in the kitchens in our apartment.

I also recommend installation of ambient lighting in the bathroom which should include a ceiling mounted light or suspended light and also construction of spacious bathrooms with an extra light in the shower area. To minimize shadows and reflections on the bathroom mirror on side of the wall at eye level or an LED mirror should be put in place. Install accent lighting to illuminate the attractive design features of the bathroom.

Projected costs to solve the problem of lighting

An item cost

Dimmer switches $15.00

Accent lighting $325.00

LED mirror $35.00

Ceiling mounted light $245.00

Under cabinet lighting $127.00


If the above problems could be solved as per the recommendations given, the life in our apartment could be better than in any other. I call for immediate action and assure that anybody would wish to live in this apartment.