Portfolio analysis after the first semester

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Portfolio analysis

The semester has improved my knowledge on academic through various units that I have undertaken. I see my life as a success bearing in mind that the semester teachings have motivated me and increased my ability to succeed in future life. My academic life will be full of successes, socialization and love for education.

Firstly, the topics and tests undertaken throughout the semester have prepared me to face future test challenges without fear. I have created many academic, professional and personal successes by becoming first in the 10th grade. In addition, I managed to pass with a 12th grade with an A plain. I managed to obtain the above grade after preparing for two most challenging papers, SAT and TOEFL. The experience made me extend my comfort zone and work hard to achieve the best from the two papers. The above achievements have shaped my life not only in academics, but also in the external competitive environment.

Passing of SAT and TOEFL at the same time also decreased my fear of facing hardships in life. It prepared me both emotionally, and psychologically to face hard tasks in future life especially next semester where I will take more subjects. Moreover, I had developed a fear of unknown because I was not sure whether I will make it throughout the semester. On attending the next level classes, my mind will be set and prepared for tough work ahead. Academics prepare learners in a manner that they are always ready for activities that are aimed at testing their integrity through paper work. The semester teachings have increased my integrity and capability in future academic life. In addition, the many successes I have achieved in the semester have made me proud of myself more than ever.

Secondly, the semester has changed the status of my academic life through maintenance, creation and support of networks. The semester teachings have introduced of expanding my networks to my fellow students and human beings. Attending ASU introduced a lot of life challenges related to social, academic, independent living, time management, and life balancing. Most units in the last semester concentrated on such challenges, and I am proud to say that they have significantly changed my status. For instance, I had a problem passing my mathematics assignments. In my class, there were many students who had knowledge on handling such cases, but I could not face them. Through social units, I discovered how to become more social with my colleagues and lecturers enabling me seek assistance whenever I was stranded. In addition, the units taught me how to leave an independent life without having to depend on anyone, even my parents.

Maintenance, creation and support of social network lessons also changed my academic status that I will apply in the next semester. My professor assisted me in overcoming life challenges by forcing me to see him in his office rather than using the email communication. After the approach, I gained courage and became brave to face other lecturers and professors. The following aspect will be of help in my future life as an employee because I will not fear meeting my boss. In addition, the lessons had an important resource called the math tutoring center. The mathematics tutors used to meet us at specific hours and dates and getting to the center late meant losing a lot. In the first days, I used to miss a number of lessons, but later managed to keep time and cope with the situation. I gained the aspect of time management and the importance of keeping good time all the time. Currently, I am able to manage my time and work within my specified time schedule, behaviors that will shape my future life outside academics.

After an assessment of the on my term performance in all the subjects I had done, the results indicated an improvement in all life aspects. In accepting my personal responsibility, the score was encouraging showing an improvement from the previous term’s score. In addition, there was an improvement in the gaining self-awareness scores, adapting long life learning, and believing in me. The results have encouraged me to accept the reality and become a changed person when it comes to accepting my responsibilities as a student. The lessons also enables me encourage my fellows on how to leave a standard academic life and wait for sweet fruits in the future. Finally, the semester lessons have left me with a lot of motivation and self respect for myself. I have learned how to love and enjoy education so that I can become more successful in the remaining semesters. In addition, I have learned to make course corrections after every semester preventing me from repeating the same mistakes every semester.

A close examination on each course I did in the semester illustrates how prepared and self-disciplined I have become. Through the course feedbacks, I Have planned my education and life goals that are achievable with the current knowledge and intelligence I gained from studying semester courses. The status of my academic life after this semester makes me a more successful and experienced person