Powers of ‘The US’ President

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Powers of ‘The US’ President

The United States president has many and varied types of powers. These include the powers granted by the congress, implied powers, soft power, commander-in-chief powers, executive powers, powers related to legislation, appointment powers, executive clemency powers, foreign affairs powers, emergency powers, and executive privilege powers. There are also constraints towards how these powers can be exercised by the president in different circumstances and only when certain powers can be used (Mayer, 01).

President Barrack Obama was one of the presidents who made a great history. He used his powers in various ways, making the country better and serving to make the world better through democratic relations. Using his executive powers, President Barrack Obama signed several executive orders like the executive order to halt the deportation of those who came to the US when they were young, those in the service of children care, and those who have not committed any crimes. Even though he signed the least amount of orders compared to his predecessors, his orders greatly impacted the American people (Payne).

As the commander in chief, Barrack Obama used his powers to ensure that Osama bin Laden was dead. Even though that did not kill al Qaeda, it was a great setback for them. Using his executive clemency powers, President Obama shortened the sentence period of a drug dealer. He was sentenced to 17.5 years in prison for being in drug dealing even after he pleaded guilty (“Sentencing Class @ OSU Moritz College of Law: Helping President Obama Use His Constitutional Clemency Powers”). Since the years were more by three years, President Obama stepped in and shortened these years of imprisonment in the federal prison.

Therefore, the president of the united states has very many powers that he can use to favor his leadership and make sure that most things go his/her way. Therefore, President Obama utilized and made sure that everything went his way in very many aspects. Therefore he was able to achieve a lot as a president.

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