Principles Of Safety And Health That Apply To Personal Conduct

Principles Of Safety And Health That Apply To Personal Conduct

Explain the principles of safety and health that apply to personal conduct at home and off the job as well as on the job.Safety and health is an issue that has affected personnel’s at home and during their work period. According Rush, “Promoting principles of workplace safety and health helps establish sound business principles while keeping workers safe and productive” (Rush). There is occupational safety and health that is concerned with protection of the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employments. The principles of safety and health act as a guild line to reduce the injuries occurred during our daily lives. Occupational and industrial accidents are mainly caused be preventable factors that ca n be eliminated through implementing methods and measures that are already known. This can be demonstrated by continuously reducing accident rates .The application of preventive strategies therefore offers significant human and economic benefits (O.Ali, 2008).

Principles of safety and health


This is a safety regulation that will help avoid injuries and accidents in the workplace or at home. This can be implemented by putting up cautious signs to deter people from misusing the facilities such as checking machinery to prevent electrocution due to short circuits. In case of repairs safety equipment’s can be used to reduce the chance of getting injured. At home we can prevent many accidents by being cautious and weary of the items that might be harmful .Example is the knife rack, which should be placed away from the reach of children also the repair equipment’s such as the nail gun, saw and hammer should have a tool shed to prevent unnecessary injuries.

Capacity building through Training

This is a factor that is related to prevention as training is a method of prevention. This is by enabling employees be more vigilant of happenings in the organization, e.g. when one notices that there might be a roof leak it is advisable to contact concerned party or if possible repair it. In the work place the management can offer training on being healthy through sanitation safety and health training programs by encouraging regular hand washing before meals, proper use of dust bin by preventing litter and regular general cleanliness. At home the use of sanitizers and proper use of repair equipment’s can prevent many accidents and health related issues. Proper hygiene prevents germs from meals and will keep ones family healthy.

We can Train: manager’s personnel officers and supervisors; Peer educators and work representatives in the organization; Children and adults in the community; Safety health officers

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The best policy is becoming a role model to your employees or children this will encourage less safety violations. In a work place top management is mostly viewed by subordinates and every action undertake is closely eyed by them. Note, if a Parent takes food from the market and eats it without washing, the children will play the part by also neglecting the hygiene and eating the fruits without washing. Office management can encourage people who show excellent work ethics and who show their worth by maintaining hygiene and constantly encouraging healthy and safety ways by rewarding .Parents can also reward their children for remembering to always wash their hands before and after meals.

Record keeping for performance measures

Maintaining a proper book of accounts that have happened either by organization or government bodies helps identify the areas that need to be repaired .In a household a disease might have affected the young one in the house, this record will help in the future as if such symptoms appear they can be easy noted and proper medication is given before it becomes too serious. This enables prevention of future happening or events that might be caused. It is appropriate to note down such incidences to maintain a risk free work environment.

Emergency plans

This are usually noted in all organization which have safety regulations concerning accidents and mostly fire .The warnings or rather guidelines show what to do in the event of a fire. Such warning and precaution signs help an organization prepare psychologically, employees or family on future events that may occur. At home people do not have proper safety rule and regulations in the event of a fire, but if there were there would be minimal accidents and injuries. If this could be treated as health of children is whereby the parent has a first aid kit that enables family members to be treated in case of illnesses or injuries. Emergency plans help in reducing accidents such as, fire, health risks (insurance policies), accidents and all sorts of health risks.


Maintaining regular checkups for workers will boost the production in the organization as a whole. The less people are sick the more work will be done efficiently and effectively. In any case the workers might also infect others which might lead to an epidemic causing the health risk to be more rampant. The wellness of the employees’ health or family mainly depends on the care given by the parents or management. At home regular monthly check ups would prevent unnecessary incidences of health risk.

In conclusion, management total commitment to make safety and health is an important aspect to successful health and safety program in the workplace and off the job. It is only when the management makes effort and plays a positive role that the workers and family will view such principles as worthwhile and sustainable exercise.


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