Prison Injustice

Prison Injustice

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Prison Injustice

The film ‘William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe’, the prisoners of Attica correctional facility took over the prison and they also took hostages as they were demanding for better services and better living standards in the prisons. The most outstanding thing was the prisoners realizing that they had done wrong and they were being corrected, however at the same time they demanded to be treated like human beings (Attica Prison Riot, 2010). This was because by the time they get out of prison they wanted to better human beings and not people who have been malnourished of suffering from disease they got from prison. Therefore, the issue of better living conditions was the most outstanding and it is for sure a worthy point since prisons are for correctional purposes and not for infecting people with disease or making people unable to access their basic rights.

The prison litigation act mainly focuses on providing ways for prisoners to still follow up about their rights in prison and be heard. Even though it is very difficult for prisoners to be heard since once they get into prison their rights reduce drastically, the constitution still holds even in prison. The most concerning point is that a prisoner is highly encouraged to speak with a lawyer about their prison rights because it us very difficult to navigate their issues when in prison‌ (Prison Litigation Reform Act, 2021). This is concerning since talking to a lawyer shows that very few opportunities are available that a prisoner will be heard and therefore serves as inhuman since prisoners can really suffer in prisons and due to lack of money to pay lawyers be unable to file their issues.


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