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Process Analysis Essay

I have always been a lover of movies. I enjoy watching movies because they provoke my thoughts, and at the same time, they help me to relax. My taste in film has evolved significantly over time. As a child, I enjoyed watching action, fantasy, and thriller movies which is not the case anymore. I enjoyed such movies because I was still trying to figure myself out and experimented a lot. As time has passed, I have developed a refined taste in movies; I know exactly what kind of movies I like to watch. After some time, I stooped watching too many action and fantasy movies and drifted into drama movies and series. However, now my taste in movies has transformed completely for the better. I now enjoy watching reality television shows, comedies and documentaries. My taste in music has taken a complete turn over the years. Right now, I am somewhat selective with the kind of content I consume. I am at a point where I prefer consuming content that builds me and contributes positively to my well-being. I like documentaries and reality TV shows because it is easy to relate with them as they focus on real-life issues.

The three significant steps I took to become the expert driver I am today include investing in driving training at an esteemed driving school, regular practice, and checking on my vision. Training is the basis of driving. When I turned sixteen, my mum enrolled me in a driving school that was located near my home. I had a road trainer that took me through a couple of sessions. Although it was expensive, the road training turned out to be the best decision that my mother made because it was personalized and thorough. Additionally, I invested in practice heavily. I would take my mother’s car during the weekends and drive around the estate to perfect my driving skills. Practice went a long way in molding me into the expert driver I am today. Regular visits to my optician have also helped me become good at driving. Since teenage hood, I have had issues with my eyes but visiting the doctor allows me to stay in check. This has helped improve my confidence on the road.

The three most significant stages that I have gone through to become the athlete I am including rediscovering my passion, practicing, and having a mentor. I am a sports enthusiast. I subscribe to the idea of keeping fit and leading a healthy life. The first step that I took was to go on a self-discovery journey to find out exactly what I like and what I do not like. I concluded that the idea of sports made me feel good about myself. After that, I enrolled in a gym class near me and started my working out journey. I also networked a lot which helped me land a mentor. Because my mentor is more experienced than I am, They have horned me into the person I am today.

The best relationship that I ever had was with my best friend. She is still my best friend to date. The three most significant stages in this relationship include a period where we were inseparable, then we parted ways, becoming reconciling again. Undoubtedly, relationships, including friendships are not always perfect. The tide is not always high all the time. I have come to learn this the hard way. When my best friend and I crossed paths, we developed a friendship so quickly that we became inseparable. My parents knew her, and she also introduced me to her parents. Our parents also knew each other and approved of our relationship. However, this joy seemed short-lived. After three years of friendship, we went our separate ways and stopped talking. We had a fallout because of a misunderstanding. Another friend instigated our fallout by telling lies and turning us against each other. We had just graduated high school and were set to join college at that time. Both of us joined different colleges, so we stopped seeing each other eye-to-eye. The distance only exacerbated the fallout because we did not text or see each other. After two years at a friend’s birthday party, we met eventually and decided to let bygones be bygones. After two years of not speaking, we reconciled and picked off where we left. Since then, we have even become closer than before. The fallout was a blessing in disguise. I believe that our friendship will continue for years to come. We have been through my problems in life, but we conquered them all.