Project 1 Rhetorical Analysis of

Project 1: Rhetorical Analysis of “Sinking Cities: “Miami”

Prompt:Now that you are familiar with rhetorical appeals, you will compose a 3-4 page essay that identifies, analyzes, and evaluates the evidence in PBS’ “Sinking Cities: Miami.” You first need to consider how the documentary’s visuals/sounds/text affected the way you think about climate change. Then, locate different pieces of evidence from the documentary to support your perspective on climate change in Miami.


Evidence can be screenshots, direct quotes, or descriptions of sounds from the documentary.

Utilize evidence that covers all four rhetorical appeals to write a strong analysis.

Emphasize your perspective and how the documentary affected your view on climate change in Miami.

Do not simply identify which appeals are used in the documentary. You are being asked to make a larger, critical argument about the documentary.

Resources:PBS’ “Sinking Cities: Miami” documentary

Rules and Guidelines:

All essays must conform to the MLA style of writing to be accepted/graded.

Spellcheck and proofread your work to ensure credibility and a passing grade.

Cover the required length and matter of the essay.

Only use direct quotes when citing texts or speech from the documentary.

You can only use a maximum of 3 screenshots as evidence.

Place screenshots in the proper space to support your argument.

Do not use any outside sources in your work including dictionaries or encyclopedias.

Submitting late work will deduct half a letter grade from your overall score.

See the syllabus for deadlines and dropbox locations for each essay section.